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lucysaurus Thu 15-Jan-15 17:23:55

Dear all,
I am currently living in Wimbledon with my two children (7 and 5) and my DH and we want to start a new life outside of London. I grew up in London so I do not know a lot about other places. We want to live somewhere in the countryside perhaps in a small village but still with a reasonable amount of shops nearby. DH needs a commute into London so there needs to be a train. Our budget for the move £1m so money is not an issue. Any help greatly appreciated smile
Thanks x

LambethWalk Sun 18-Jan-15 20:07:25

How often does your DH need to commute? If it is 5 days a week, then Somerset may be a bit too far to go. If it is fewer days, then it is feasible. Castle Cary would be the fastest train commute into London from Somerset.

ElleDorset1234 Mon 02-Mar-15 21:53:45

I relocated from London to Dorset/Somerset/Devon border, my husband regularly commutes from Axminster to London... our children go to Chard School which is a fab little (affordable!) prep school which feeds in to the local private and state schools as well as Colyton Grammar School (which has a brilliant reputation). We live near Lyme Regis which is such a lovely part of the world. We wouldn't go back! Hope this is helpful.

nilbyname Mon 02-Mar-15 21:56:58

Somerset is probably too far.


Wishfor Sat 14-Mar-15 07:44:20

Help! Moving from a life overseas to Bath area. Have family in Taunton and Bristol so want to be no more than hour - hour and half away. Am considering Frome as need train lines to London to see other family and get up north for yet more family.
Got a house to look at in Corsham which has thrown me..looks lovely -now I can't decide. With motorway i can get to TAunton almost as quick as Frome - am I right?

Wishfor Sat 14-Mar-15 07:45:56

Following from last message…is Frome town on a hill? Is it bigger than Corsham?

Eleanor1087 Thu 30-Jul-15 14:26:42

Have you looked at the Taunton area, around Blagdon and Trull there are some beautiful properties. It has great links to London and fantastic schools locally.

Sunnyshores Wed 12-Aug-15 20:30:26

It really depends on how often youre travelling to London - DH travels from Bristol (not as far as London) and the train is very often late or cancelled on the way home. Its a real nightmare.

The other big factor is whether you want state or private schooling.

Personally I think Somerset and Dorset are too far. Id go for Devizes first, then Marlborough, Salisbury. Beautiful countryside but good access and shopping within 40 mins.

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