5 year old party entertainer - recommendations please!

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HelenHello Thu 13-Nov-14 14:02:54

Hi ladies, my son started school in September and the 5 year old parties have just started, it seems that the norm once they've started school is to hire a hall and some sort of entertainment - last week was Nutty Noah from Weston Super Mare! There will be a mix of boys and girls mostly aged 4 (a few 5 already) and I'm looking for a fresh idea for my sons party in January - any recommendations much appreciated please!

HelenHello Thu 13-Nov-14 14:04:14

Ooops forgot to say that we live near Axbridge (BS26) so would be in a church hall locally!

mostabelle Tue 09-Dec-14 20:03:20

Sorry to jump on your thread- what was nutty Noah like? I have heard good things about pirate attack...

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