estates around Taunton - whats good or not for houseswap

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yerbabird Wed 11-Sep-13 21:45:10

Hi we rent from a housing association, we are in North Somerset in a village and want to move to the Taunton area. But being tied to local authority housing im getting the shivers about large estates. I have to accept it's inevitable that we will end up 'on an estate' but like all towns ( igrew up near one in Suffolk) theres good and the -waving hand in front in a noooo don't do it sort of roads, areas
Someone told me north of the river, is that true?
Not on the homeswap site yet, early thoughts snd wishes stage. Any dream spots? Very isolated here looking for a place less Tory at soul level.Schools a consideration. Dog walking needed too. Thanks for any thoughts, even a single word x Yerba

Dollyclare Wed 26-Feb-14 16:12:10

Oooo Keep away from Halcon/ Roman Road and certain areas of Priorswood!!
Fingers crossed you can get a swap in one of the lovely villages/Outlying areas.
Have you any addresses, I could help a bit more maybe..

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