Looking for a cafe where you can breast feed?

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mamusya Sat 21-May-11 14:46:26

Hi there Somerset mums, I co-own the Cafe-Bistrol "Expresso" in Taunton and really want to encourage feeding mothers to come and hang out with us. We've got a lovely pedestrianized area under the shade of a big tree outside the cafe and a cosy, quiet area inside. Last week I counted 18 mums feeding their babies outside at one time - yay! We love your babies and toddlers smile and have the best coffee and lunches in Taunton. Any questions let me know. We're on the local map.

MammaTJisanOlympicSumoWrestler Fri 10-Aug-12 21:06:48

Where are you? On the pedestrianised bit heading up to Vivary Park? Not that I'm breastfeeing but like child friendly places.

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