Do you have a child aged between 13 and 19?

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hellojojo Thu 19-May-11 19:14:03

Avon and Somerset Police are carrying out a survey to find out what young people think about the police during May and June.

We hope it will identify any gaps where we can improve the way we work with and communicate with young people.

The survey is online now until the 28th June 2011.

We will be offering three prizes (nintendo wii and ipod shuffles) which will be given out to the winners who will have their names drawn out of a hat after the survey ends.

We will email the results of the survey to everyone who provides us with their email address as well as putting it onto our website. or see

mamusya Sat 21-May-11 14:31:48

Hi, yes, I have a sixteen year old son. I think he'd be a good person to do the survey but he's wondering how honest he can be! Can respondents be anonymous?

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