Need advise on Independent schools

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umeshsingh Fri 15-May-15 11:49:53

Hello Friends,

Need advise that I can get.

My child currently goes to state school and I am keen to give him a much needed boost that independent schools give.

I live in Solihull and am trying to narrow down the "perfect" independent school in the vicinity.

What are the aspects that I should look for, both online and during my visit to them?

Kingswood School and Ruckleigh School are the closest in my case.

Would appreciate any advise, especially if it is first hand!

Thanks in advance.


feathers21 Fri 15-May-15 21:45:03

Hi how old is your child?

It's really depend on what you care the most. pastoral care? academic results? facilities?

Why don't you pay a visit first?

ChristmasZombie Mon 15-Jun-15 08:05:09

Visit several schools and get a feel for the environment. You'll know pretty quickly whether you could happily imagine your child there. Do bear in mind that most schools are gearing up for the end of term now (exams are over until the 11+ in September), so if you visit in the next few weeks you may not see a true representation of the day to day.
I teach at an Independent primary school (not one you've mentioned), so if you want anymore information I'm happy to help.

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