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silentsteel Fri 13-Sep-13 10:00:48

Hi All,

I have asked a similar question in the Sutton Form and as Solihull is in the mix of my situation, I am bringing it up on this forum as well, hope someone can help.

I am new to the midlands area having spent most of my time in Scotland. Last year my work situation changed which means I have been spending most of my time in England, basically around the areas from Shropshire to Birmingham to London.

As this situation is likely to continue I am looking to see move my wife and 3 kids down, rent at first and then perhaps buy a place if we settle in. Hence I would really appreciate some help.

We are looking for decent 3/4 bedroom places to rent in an area which can offer us some of the following:
1. Good commute wise, my work takes me travelling hence I would like to be near M6 / Birmingham International or easily commuteable.

2. Good school area. My son has just started High School so moving here from Scotland a Grammer School is out of the question as he is above the age, but a good state school.

2. My younger children, Daughter who would be able to sit Grammer School test next year, however if she doesn't get selected would go to state school. My youngest is in Primary and is a few years away from High School or 11+ etc but we need a good Primary School recommendation.

I had originally thought of Sutton Coldfied area for renting as it is nearer to M6 however it is a bit of a distance away from Birmingham International should I need to go further down south or to London for work.

So where Sutton is in the mix, I am wondering if there are better alternatives that we as a family could be looking at? Ideally we would be in a nice safe, quiet family area with very good schools Primary / Secondary schools nearby and a good compromise for commute for me from where I can get on M6 to go to Shrewsbury - current workplace or on a good train link if I need to go to down south or up North. (One is allowed to dream)

I appreciate that there is a lot to consider and I am hoping that people on this forum would be able to advise.

Kind Regards,

HRHwheezing Fri 13-Sep-13 17:29:35

I used to live in Solihull but moved a few years ago.

Solihull is a great place to live. I lived in Hampton in Arden which is one stop on the train from Birmingham international, so great for commuting and the airport if you need to go back to Scotland.

The schools in Solihull are excellent, one of the highest ranking local authorities. Both primary and secondary have good results. Look at Arden school or Tudor grange. But also Solihull has good private schools.

You might want to look at knowle and dorridge to live in too. Knowle has a lot to do, some nice shops and a lovely park.

As for Hampton I had a Xmas tree in a potstolen from my front garden and a peacock came to our garden that was it in 7 years.

Any more questions just ask

Dancingdreamer Thu 03-Oct-13 00:27:20

Check out secondary school places before you decide where to live. I know of someone who decided to move to Solihull because of good secondary schools but couldn't get a place anywhere near. DC ended up home schooled until eventually school offered place but not in Solihull!

Solihull School which is the only independent secondary in immediate area for boys has just one September entry (and aren't particularly flexible about mid-term entry) and fierce competition for places after year 7. St Martins the girls independent school much more flexible about places for people moving into area and will do best to find places if they can.

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