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williwonti Mon 05-Aug-13 11:54:06

Hi. I am after a party entertainer/magician - type person to do a 4 year old girl's birthday. I can find loads online but don't have any that have been recommended. Also, the one I have found is £195 for 2 hours which seems steep!!! Any ideas would be very appreciated. Thanks.

sandwichboardknowle Sun 15-Sep-13 16:51:08

Hi there. One good entertainer that I know is called "Uncle Mick". Not sure of his number, but he's on the net.

By the way - I own a company called the Sandwich Board, based in Knowle. One of the things we do is provie QUALITY filled party food boxes to various party venues around the Solihull/Birmingham/Warwick/Coventry area. They are a bit like "Happy Meal" boxes, but the contents are much better. They start from only £3.25 per child (suitable for toddlers) up to £4.95, although our most popular, the "Bumblebee" Box, is only £3.95 per head, including FREE DELIVERY.

We also do great filled party bags for £1.99. You can also have these as kits so the children can make up their own during the party - a great way to spend 20 minutes or so!

We get great reviews - check out our website

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