Fun stuff to do for little people in Solihull/shirley area?

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Maxsmamma Fri 04-Nov-11 20:24:47

hi there! Was just wondering if anybody has been to any good baby & toddler groups in th shirley/ Solihull area? My little boy is 11 months old & loves socia lising with other children smile. On a tight budget so the cheaper (or even better, free!) the better
Thanks. Xxx

Needingsomeadvice Sat 05-Nov-11 12:05:23

NCT toddler cafe? There used to be lots of groups in the United Reformed Church building too - one almost every day. Cost of these things about £2.50 I think. Have you tried the library as they almost certainly will stick up posters in there. Local children's centre?

Maxsmamma Sat 26-Nov-11 20:08:04

Fab,thanks! I'll check it out smile

Miya2012 Sat 19-Oct-13 23:41:16

Tickety boo was nice.i visited with my 19 month old.she loved it . 3£ per session . It's on layaca centre,Shirley.

Another one mother and baby group is happykidz on droyton road Solihull . 3.50 per session.

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