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lissielou Sun 30-Sep-07 09:17:12

anyone out there?

purplefreaks666 Mon 03-Mar-08 17:00:01

hey girlz i'm from telford too leegomery so can get bus or walk most places any wanne chat pm or somethin would like to meet up i'm saz 25 n got lil girl called scarlett

merrylissiemas Mon 03-Dec-07 09:31:40

blimey! happy birthday for thursday!

mygirllollipop Sun 02-Dec-07 21:20:22

Didn't recognise you then!
Well mam's visit was good then dad came down the weekend after (last weekend) and now my mam is coming down again on Weds for my birthday on Thu (and hers on Mon after). WE are apparently going out for my birthday. It's DD1's birthday four weeks after mine with xmas and new year in between (when we'll have the ILs here!
I promise to email soon!

merrylissiemas Sun 02-Dec-07 19:09:23

how did your mum's visit go?

mygirllollipop Fri 16-Nov-07 12:43:01

LOL I know what that's like!

OracleInaCoracle Fri 16-Nov-07 11:13:49

ok, im back properly now. im too addicted! wink

mygirllollipop Fri 16-Nov-07 09:04:08

I hope you get the treatment you were talking about and that that does the trick.
Didn't realise I put her name and not DD4 oops, nver mind it was on the birth announcement thread anyway! We had a nice birthday tea party and didn't manage to eat anything, balloons are a big hit.
I hope all the commotion and gossip is over with and everyone is grieving 'normally'. Are you back on MN fully or just this little local one? I really should see to being a tsarina but am far too lazy busy these days, actually busy is closer to the truth.
Ooh best dash, mother needs another cuppa to get herself outta bed so guess I'm getting it! I will def let you know when all our visitors have been and when we can meet up! See you soon, x

OracleInaCoracle Fri 16-Nov-07 07:37:41

im ok thanks, im pg again (at least i think i still am, off to docs this morning) hope youre having a good time! give amilie a birthday cuddle from us and let me know when you're free! i didnt go to the funeral (didnt really know her well enough) but lil sis did. apparently it was horrible and very sad. sad

mygirllollipop Thu 15-Nov-07 11:58:52

Helloo! My mam is here now, my dad is coming next weekend, it's amelie's 1st birthday and it's all a bit crazy!
How have you been doing, are you OK after the funeral etc? x

OracleInaCoracle Mon 12-Nov-07 16:29:03

hi, how are you?

mygirllollipop Wed 24-Oct-07 21:13:23

Mailled you back!

lissiethevampireslayer Wed 24-Oct-07 20:04:43

lol, shall do it now!

mygirllollipop Wed 24-Oct-07 20:02:29

It occurred to me today that I know the street you live on but not the number lol! I thought I must remember to email Lissie! See you Friday.

lissiethevampireslayer Wed 24-Oct-07 09:52:20

thats fine, i shall email you my address. im looking forward to it!

mygirllollipop Wed 24-Oct-07 09:46:28

Is it OK if I come around around 9.30 then? I will drop DH off at work and I'm at a home ed group onteh afternoon.

lissiethevampireslayer Tue 23-Oct-07 10:08:40

whenever you're ready, dh leaves for work at about 9.30

mygirllollipop Tue 23-Oct-07 09:17:04

DH has decided to have tommorrow off so that works out better for us! What time shall I come round?

lissiethevampireslayer Mon 22-Oct-07 16:43:30

works for me, we shall be in all week (unfortunately, i think it'll take a while)

mygirllollipop Mon 22-Oct-07 15:08:45

Sounds good, I have PIL here tomorrow until Thursday then DH was thinking of having Friday off (but prob won't be allowed) so that seems like the best day for me as long as it's good for you? Might do DD3 good seeing someone using the potty as she seems to refuse to use it anymore.

lissiethevampireslayer Mon 22-Oct-07 14:04:02

forgot to ask her, was going to email you, im off all week but am potty training if you would like to come round for a cuppa?

mygirllollipop Wed 17-Oct-07 11:03:54

Hi Lissie,
was lovely meeting you, we should do it again soon. I had a lovely hols. Did you remeber the name of the village your sister lives in?

mygirllollipop Thu 04-Oct-07 09:54:36

It's OK, I was just worried that you had sent it but it had gone astray!
Have mailled back.

lissiethevampireslayer Wed 03-Oct-07 18:47:42

sorry, im rubbish, have just mailed you!

mygirllollipop Wed 03-Oct-07 18:39:34

Hi Lissie, just wondering if you have emailled as I've not received anything yet.
Looking forward to Monday! I will be away Weds and next Mon (on hols).

mygirllollipop Mon 01-Oct-07 18:47:56

Thanks, I have posted!

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