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IsabelleAdjani Sun 09-Nov-14 19:53:03

Does anyone know anything about Whitchurch? We are thinking of moving up there from the South East. DP is from there originally, but has not lived there since 1992 when he left to go to university. We were there at the weekend visiting his dad and viewed a few properties, which were lovely. We have one DD aged 6 so she would be going to school there. What is it like as a place to live? We are in Brighton at the mo so am concerned it would be a massive culture shock for me, as I have always lived in cities. Any feedback would be appreciated!

ThingsgoBumpinthenight Mon 10-Nov-14 19:50:58

It will be a culture shock! I moved to one of the outlying villages from just outside a city last year. I still miss being 15 mins from Wagamamas!

Whitchurch is 30 mins from everywhere though - Chester, Shrewsbury, Wrexham, Telford and Crewe. 45 mins from Cheshire Oaks (and Wagamamas!). One hour from IKEA!

What do you like doing at a weekend - that might help me to explain the differences more!

We have most things nearby but do need to drive to get there. There is a train station and there are regular trains to Shrewsbury, Manchester, Crewe (for London).

The schools (Whitchurch Infant and then Whitchurch Junior School) have a good reputation. The Senior school (Sir John Talbots) doesn't but it does seem to be picking up.

There are some lovely villages with lovely village schools around Whitchurch.

Shout if I can help you out more!

Localeditorshropshire Mon 10-Nov-14 20:11:53

Hi Isabelle, IMO Whitchurch is a really nice little town. It certainly isn't as cosmopolitan as Brighton, but it's a really friendly pleasant place. The high street is picking up with quite a few independent retailers; there are cafes etc and plenty going on for kids.

Whitchurch is also only about half an hour away from Shrewsbury and Chester in the other direction. You can be in London, by train, in less than three hours. I lived in a village just outside Whitchurch for ten years and I have now moved a bit further away but still take the kids there for a wander about, a trip to the library and tea and cake. I sound so boring

IsabelleAdjani Mon 10-Nov-14 21:31:42

Thank you for your comments smile! I can totally understand you missing Wagamamas Thingsgobumpinthenight! I really like Chester and even though it's a bit further, Liverpool, as I went to uni there. From visiting I have got the impression that it is a pleasant place, and the high street definitely seemed to have picked up from when we visited - we had a really nice time browsing through the shops and having tea and cake smile!.
When I was in my 20s and before I had DD, my weekends would mostly be spend shopping and going out but now we mostly do family stuff, walks, swimming, days out etc - although do still like a bit of shopping and going out from time to time smile but mostly happy chilling out with DD and DH.
DD would be going to the Junior School hopefully and have seen it has a good OFSTED report, and had heard that Sir John Talbots was picking up.
Even though Brighton is cosmopolitan and fun it is also massively overcrowded and hectic and think a lot of the things that attracted us here in the first place aren't really for us any more - so your responses kind of reinforce my view that the positives of moving outweigh the negatives - so thank you smile!

ThingsgoBumpinthenight Mon 10-Nov-14 21:46:55

If you are happy to drive there are lovely places to visit for walks/days out. The canal in Whitchurch is nice to walk along. There are loads of geocaches dotted about!

The swimming pool in Whitchurch is freezing!! They are currently doing up the changing rooms so I am hopeful of there being warm water in the shower soon! Market Drayton has a bigger pool (and an outdoor one open in the summer) , their showers are warm!!

Benjamins in town is lovely for coffee and lunch!

IsabelleAdjani Tue 11-Nov-14 11:23:14

We went to Benjamins on Saturday and had the best brownie I have possibly ever had smile! We are definitely happy to drive to places! My parents in law live at Grindley Brook directly on the canal so know it a bit already. Thank you for the tip about the swimming pools - we had a look through the window of it on Saturday afternoon and it was empty, maybe due to freezingness smile?

ThingsgoBumpinthenight Tue 11-Nov-14 14:02:35

Ooooooo, just round the corner from the horse and jockey; lovely pub!

When are you thinking of moving?

IsabelleAdjani Wed 12-Nov-14 13:45:24

I will have to try the horse and jockey! We are not thinking of moving immediately - in the next 18 months or so! DD is currently in Yr 1 and would like her to move in time to start Yr3 at the Junior school. My DH runs his own business so he is going to relocate - it is just hard coordinating selling the house, handing in notice etc. I don't want to move DD schools mid year if I can help it, and thought as in Whitchurch there is a separate infant and junior school, would be easier for her to start in Juniors when all the kids are starting a new school, even if a lot of them will know each other! Sorry for long winded answer smile!

ThingsgoBumpinthenight Wed 12-Nov-14 14:01:02

You could always move in with the In laws to make the coordination easier wink.

After the SATs for the last few weeks of year 2 would be good so that she can start making friends before she gets to junior school and then might be able to build on the friendships over the summer.

We moved in with my parents (and commuted weekly) whilst relocating so DD started reception at the start rather than the Easter when we sold our house or even the June when we bought our new house. DH already worked here which helped!

Exciting times!

IsabelleAdjani Thu 13-Nov-14 12:16:11

You clearly haven't met my in-laws smile! I don't think it would be possible, mainly for my sanity, shame as it would have made things easier!
Good idea after that SATs though! It is very exciting but also scary - feel like I need to have a lie down when I think about it! Where are you exactly (if you can say so without outing yourself smile!?

ThingsgoBumpinthenight Thu 13-Nov-14 15:42:19

I am near Newcott; the best chippy around!

Hope everything goes smoothly!

jjazz Sun 16-Nov-14 16:45:05

All true about Whitchurch the north shropshire mumsnetters have given you lots of great info!
All I would add is that there is a small pool at Wem (15 mins). Great for swimming lessons and parking is a doddle.
Do the north shropshire
Mumsnetters ever have meetups?

ever have method???

Localeditorshropshire Mon 17-Nov-14 17:22:03

Hi jjazz, we did do a meet-up sometime ago. Do you know of any other Mumsnetters in the area who might be interested?

jjazz Mon 17-Nov-14 20:43:10

Not for a long time and then it was mumsnetters from all over Shropshire. A north Shrops group may make meetups easier???

IsabelleAdjani Tue 18-Nov-14 21:10:58

Thank you for all the info! I would definitely be up for a meetup once I am in Whitchurch (as I will have literally no mates!)

threepiecesuite Tue 18-Nov-14 21:50:04

Just popping in here to say that we went to Whitchurch for a weekend break this month, stayed at Hill Valley, and I really liked the town. Folk were friendly and there seemed like lots of amenities. Wouldn't mind moving there myself! We had a meal at the Combermere Arms pub nearby which was fantastic.

IsabelleAdjani Wed 19-Nov-14 10:51:24

I tried to persuade my husband to stay at Hill Valley as it looked lovely but had to stay with in laws. Have been to Combermere Arms and it was lovely. Also compared to the south coast it is fabulously cheap. Just want to get on with it and do it now!

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