Nice areas in Telford?

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cheekymonk Wed 16-Apr-14 13:03:18

Don't know what happened to my post. DH has job interview today in cannock. Currently we are in Hampshire and wanting to move nearer to my family who live in leominster. Was thinking telford would be good location but on googling it, the reviews are really negative!!! Wanting a nice friendly area with good schools. we have a 3 year old dd and 9 year old ds. DD may need support at school with her speech too. We would be renting. Thank you

cheekymonk Wed 16-Apr-14 15:19:24


cheekymonk Wed 16-Apr-14 21:10:00

Aren't there any then? ;)

cheekymonk Wed 16-Apr-14 21:10:28

Aren't there any then?

TotallyAddictedToLurking Wed 16-Apr-14 21:13:32

I live in Telford and it isn't all bad. Ironbridge is beautiful.

There are some nice villages on the outskirts by Newport.

BitchyHen Wed 16-Apr-14 21:29:06

I would suggest Priorslee as a nice area to live. I've lived in Telford since I was a toddler, and I love it. Many local people are very rude about telford because it is a new town built around existing small towns and villages. The town centre has been described as soulless as it is really a shopping mall, however when the new development is finished it should be much better.

Other areas to look at - Ironbridge or Coalbrookdale are both pretty but a bit touristy and can be prone to flooding if you are near the river.
Wellington but be careful which part, it's quite mixed.

I should imagine if you're moving from Hampshire you will find the houses here good value for money.

If you want a village community there are a few on the outskirts of Telford like Horton or Bratton. If not there are a lot of new housing developments try Lightmoor and Ketley. Have a look on right move and pm me if you want to ask me anything.

cheekymonk Wed 16-Apr-14 21:35:46

Thanks bitchyhen. We are currently in a city and long for a bit of space and green whilst not being cut off either. Will look more on right move. Thank you

BitchyHen Wed 16-Apr-14 21:45:56

Good luck cheekymonk. Telford is a difficult place to say this bit is good, that is bad because it is so mixed. The older parts are generally better, but not always. I would avoid the larger estates, Woodside, Brookside, Sutton Hill as they have a bad reputation. Actually I live in an ex-council house on a small estate of just a few streets and it's lovely here.

Steffie999 Sun 11-May-14 01:56:59

I've lived in Newport for 11 years and like it here. The schools are top notch and there is plenty of countryside on the doorstep. I agree with previous posts, avoid the places mentioned. Good luck x

jardas Thu 25-Sep-14 22:55:37

@steffke999, could you share which areas in Newport to avoid and which are good? how's flooding there?

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