starting st peters school wem reception class in september

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williamsmum3 Fri 22-Mar-13 10:02:53

Hi, my son is starting school in September in wem, but as I work my son has gone to burlton nursery, my problem is the children from there are all going to cockshutt, i am worried he will not know anyone at Wem. He is also an August baby so he will be one of the younger ones. I am hoping to try and find him some friends that he would get to know who will also be starting in September. I did think about deferring him until January or Easter but have found out that no-one else did last year, I was wondering if anyone else also is thinking about this? I live in Wem and would love to have some playdates for william, so he can get to know someone prior to starting. Happy to meet at park, play centre or at my house. Hope you hear from other parents x smile

jjazz Mon 25-Mar-13 21:46:39

Hi williamsmum! My first thought was the children's centre in Wem- if you dont work full time. They have a play session for pre schoolers/toddlers on a Thurs 9.30-11 and I think also Monday. They also do dad's sessions on Sat mornings too.There are also toddler groups at the baptist church ?what day and the methodist church Tuesday morning. the toddler sessions at Wem pool are also great for mixing with local kids- again Tues and Wed am and Sun at 9.30. I live in Clive and my DS will be starting at Nursery after Easter. Hense all the local knowledge!!
I am also guessing you may be more anxious than he will be- I expect he will mix well from the outset if he has been used to a nursery

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