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babylove21 Thu 03-Nov-11 23:15:35

Hiya, Can anyone offer advice on after/breakfast school clubs in the Shrewsbury area? Are there any, what hours do they operate I work full time and my DD currently attends full time nursery. she will be starting school in September 2012 and likely to attend St Lucia's School at Upton Magna as it is the one for my catchment area. I am considering all the options including reducing my hours of work, but that is a last resort as i need to work full time.

StetsonsAreCool Thu 03-Nov-11 23:39:30

Damn, just typed a whole reply and it went!

St Lucia's is a lovely school. I used to work in Upton Magna, and know friends' children who went there and were very happy.

Are you in town or just outside? I'm pretty sure Hazles Farm Child Care run OOH clubs and IIRC they actually do drop offs at St Lucia's.

DD goes to one of their nurseries. Their Head Office number is 01939 250234 if you want more info.

jjazz Sun 27-Nov-11 20:55:37

Dont rule out childminders- you may have already looked at thisoption in Upton Magna and discounted it but if not, you may be very impressed with the flexibility/convenience of this option in a rural area. I was always a bit dubious- thought they sat them infront of the telly etc but I live in a village- (North Shropshire) and my DS goes to what I consider to be the perfect childcare. I work at both hospitals Shrews and Telford- and it is unpredictable which one when- so to go to a nursery further away from the village would have entailed a lot of extra mileage=time and cost. Am hoping that next year he will be still be there and the transition into nursery and school will be seamless.

woollyjo Thu 04-Oct-12 08:13:48

One of my childminder's childminding friends pick up and drops off at St Lucia's but is based in Shrewsbury. You could PM me for contact details if you like, I can assure this group of CMs are great, cover each others holidays and sickness, have imaginative, engaging holiday programmes etc

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