Does anyone fancy a Christmas do?

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TheLadyOfTheGreenKirtle Wed 25-Aug-10 18:56:43

thought it might be quite nice to have a bit of a get together over Christmas maybe in Shrewsbury (fairly central, nice restaurants) I can call round a few places and get some prices etc if theres enough intrest.

LinzerTorte Thu 26-Aug-10 09:48:47

I'd love to, but have the feeling I'll probably be back in the UK at the wrong time again (27th Dec-5th Jan) as I'm assuming most people would want to meet up before Christmas... School doesn't usually break up until 23rd December in Austria, which makes it a bit difficult to get back to my parents' before Christmas.

TheLadyOfTheGreenKirtle Thu 26-Aug-10 10:02:29

we could make it after xmas (to help us block out memories over over-cooked turkey etc) depending on interest.

LinzerTorte Thu 26-Aug-10 10:15:31

Well, I could definitely do after Christmas (up to 4th Jan, at any rate) - were you thinking of daytime or evening? We're two hours by train from Shrewsbury so daytime would definitely be better for us.

TheLadyOfTheGreenKirtle Thu 26-Aug-10 10:25:04

we could do both. we could have an evening do before xmas if theres enough interest, then a lunch do after!

LinzerTorte Thu 26-Aug-10 10:37:18

Count me in for a lunch do after Christmas!

I was very envy reading about your meet-up earlier this month and especially about the visit to Lakeland - I never realised there was one in Shrewsbury. Definitely a reason to go there when I'm back home next... smile

TheLadyOfTheGreenKirtle Thu 26-Aug-10 10:38:43

its a deal wink it was a really nice day. i didnt realise there were so many mners in shropshire!

BrightLightBrightLight Fri 27-Aug-10 10:41:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pirateparty Fri 27-Aug-10 19:56:16

I'd be up for something over Christmas if we're here.

PortBlacksand Fri 27-Aug-10 20:05:44

I'd be up for it too....grin

TheLadyOfTheGreenKirtle Fri 27-Aug-10 20:07:41

oooo lovely!

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