hallo all local mners!

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TheLadyOfTheGreenKirtle Thu 19-Aug-10 18:20:31

as promised to the lovely ladies i met up with today, I shall be sorting this page out over the weekend.

I would be lovely to meet up again (hopefully even more of us) and make it a bit of a regular thing. maybe even a night out shock

MrsMeow Thu 19-Aug-10 21:09:49

Helloooo! A night out? WTF is one of those?!

I've just had a look for trains to get to Cosford, and it's definitely doable. What time were you thinking of getting there for? There's a straight through train that would get us there for 12.35 - is that a bit too late for you?

Let me know what time you were hoping to get there, and we can go from there

missedith01 Thu 19-Aug-10 21:16:42

Couldn't make today but glad it came off and there might be more ... (a night out you say?grin )

TheLadyOfTheGreenKirtle Thu 19-Aug-10 21:30:57

hallo missed, its a shame you couldn't make it. it was v nice, but hopefully we shall be doing it again v soon! we should def arrange wine something for xmas, if not before.

mrsm, i could get the same train (i think) yay!!! Noah will be thrilled grin

pirateparty Thu 19-Aug-10 21:34:42

Do you all know (say it quietly) Mr Tumble is going to be in Bridgenorth Party in the Park on Sunday...?

Mr Tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumble.... grin

TheLadyOfTheGreenKirtle Thu 19-Aug-10 21:36:04


really? <tries to figure out a way to get there>

pirateparty Thu 19-Aug-10 21:51:11

Yes yes yes! Much excitement in this house grin

This website was much more informative before and I'm sure it said he was on at 130, but think we'll arrive a bit early to make sure... I'm sure it said he was doing some sort of meet and greet at 330 too, but not sure we'll bother with the crowds for that one!

And only £3 for adults and £1 for little ones.

MrsMeow Thu 19-Aug-10 22:14:43

Oh I heart Mr Tumble! Not sure my two would fancy meeting him now though - it's more Hannah Montana & Spongebob these days! I think I might get funny looks if I turn up on my own wink

Lady - I can't seem to find where the train goes through, will it go through your place? If so then yay! It leaves my village at 11.44 - let me know if it's the same one

DancingThroughLife Thu 19-Aug-10 22:22:13

N what?!?!? Night where??? confused grin

Was lovely meeting you today. Sorry I couldn't stay long. Definitely plan on staying longer and getting to know you all a bit better next time.

Who is Mr Tumble? Is this going to be a joy of childhood future?

MrsMeow Thu 19-Aug-10 22:34:48

Mr Tumble is fab! Are you planning on doing baby signing with DD? I did it with DS and we learned most of it from Mr Tumble grin

He does a show called Something Special, along with a few others these days as well, I think.

Was lovely to meet you today as well

TheLadyOfTheGreenKirtle Fri 20-Aug-10 08:30:57

i love mr tumble.

in a very different way to the way i love chris from doodledo


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