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PeppermintCream Wed 26-Aug-09 14:00:23

Hi, I'm booked in for a c-section on 22 September, so will be in hospital for a few days. My DH teaches in the evening, so we will need a sitter that week for DD (4) and DS (2). Can anyone recommend a babysitter who may be available?

Katz Fri 28-Aug-09 09:00:43

where abouts in Sheffield are you?

PeppermintCream Fri 28-Aug-09 15:03:53

I'm in S10 - Crosspool

Katz Fri 28-Aug-09 17:12:32

i could possibly help out one evening.

I have a dd who's 4 if you fancy meeting up for a coffee at all and have monday's off, i'm just down the hill slightly in Crookes.

PandaG Fri 28-Aug-09 17:45:32

I also live in Crookes and know Katz - my children are 7 and 9 but am happy to meet for coffee on a Tue or Thu if you fancy it?)

I may be able to help one evening depending on my family. (am crb checked and work with children)

I use a local teen who I can heartily recommend for older children - would have to ask her about experience with younger ones.

PeppermintCream Fri 28-Aug-09 21:06:17

Message withdrawn

Katz Sun 30-Aug-09 20:13:42

not a problem, i'm away this week for work but will be back on friday so how about the folloiwng week, i'm sure i could pursaude Hula to meet up too, maybe monday 7th Sept in Cream for lunch

PeppermintCream Mon 31-Aug-09 20:59:33

Monday 7th is good for me. It would be easier if we could do morning or afternoon coffee/cake, both DS and DD still nap at lunch time, and at 8.5 months pregnant I have started joining them!

PandaG Sun 06-Sep-09 19:17:15

I am around this Tue or Thu...

do you still need sitters, can contact a uni student who did work experience where I work, and can heartily recomend ?

Katz Sun 06-Sep-09 19:20:28

sorry came back from conference and life got stupidly busy, tomorrow probably a bit short notice now but i have thursday off this week so if panda fancies it how about 10 am in Cream Broomhill

PandaG Sun 06-Sep-09 19:58:05

pants - I've got it wrong - got to get head round work days!!!

am around Tue or Wed, not Thursday! sorry! could do 10am either of those days?

PeppermintCream Sun 06-Sep-09 20:53:22

Can't do Thursday, I have tickets to take DD to 'Bear Hunt' at the Lyceum.

Katz - I'll pop into Cream tomorrow monring about 10, don't worry if you can't make it, my two certainly won't be complaining about spending some time there.

Panda - I'm free Wednesday morning. Do you want to meet in Cream or somewhere else?

Katz Mon 07-Sep-09 13:04:36

peppermint - sorry didn't see your message until now, sorry hope you had a good coffee. Can do next monday or friday?

PeppermintCream Mon 07-Sep-09 21:01:17

No problem Katz, we had good coffee and shared a cake.
Next Monday should be fine, about 10am?

Hulababy Mon 07-Sep-09 21:02:28

I ama fraid I am back at work now, so not avialable in the mornings for coffee.

PandaG Mon 07-Sep-09 21:10:41

shame we're not free on the same days Katz - are you always off Mondays and Fridays as I will be around some Friday afternoons..?

OK Peppermint Cream - Wednesday about 10 in Cream - downstairs?
You're 8 months pg so should be fairly easy to spot, I'm late 30's, brown hair, 5'3 ish, glasses!

see you there!

Katz Mon 07-Sep-09 21:17:36

sadly not panda just have a couple of days leave left so using them! although now not free next friday sorry going to Go Ape for DH's birthday.

PeppermintCream Tue 08-Sep-09 11:04:02

Panda - see you Wed,I'm sure you'll spot me: anaemic looking pregnant woman; 35; messy brown hair; 5ft 2"

PandaG Wed 09-Sep-09 14:19:11

lovely to meet you PeppermintCream, hope to do so again soon!

PeppermintCream Wed 09-Sep-09 19:51:21

Great to meet you Panda, I'll be in touch!

Katz Tue 15-Sep-09 16:52:09

are you sorted? do you still some babysitting?

PeppermintCream Thu 17-Sep-09 20:39:29

Hope so, we have sorted out a sitter for the 22nd (one of the DCs nursery nurses) and DH has had some of his teaching hours cut, so fingers crossed, we will not need any extra childcare.

Katz Thu 17-Sep-09 21:19:04

ok - looking forward to meeting you on monday - i will be there i promise!!

PandaG Tue 22-Sep-09 20:08:09

Hope everything is going ok Peppermint - bump this thread whern you are ready for a meet!

Katz Wed 23-Sep-09 21:08:13

hope it went ok on tuesday - can't wait to all about it.

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