Parent and Baby Groups - Crookes or Walkley

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RebeccaP Sun 31-Aug-08 19:55:41

Hello. Can anyone recommend a parent and baby group in Crookes or Walkley? My DD is 3 months old. Thank you

Hulababy Sun 31-Aug-08 19:58:57

Hi, can't help you with this but will point another MNetter, Ktz, in your direction as she has used baby groups in this area AFAIK.

Welcome to MN. I am in Sheffield to, but my DD is older, at 6y.

S1ur Sun 31-Aug-08 20:12:28


Not been myself but I've heard of this place in Walkley. Can't tell you anything about it though.

Can also recommend Central Library, or places in SW.

katz Sun 31-Aug-08 20:21:41


i've not done babygroups for a while but when i did i went to St Toms in Crookes and Philadelphia which is in upperthorpe near tesco on infirmary Rd.

Feel free to email me on katzmumsnet at and i'll pass you the phone numbers of people who organise both of these babygroups.

Welcome to mumsnet. I'm in Crookes and don't work monday's if you fancy meeting up, i'm rather fond of the coffee shop in the middle of Crookes!

fizzbuzz Sun 07-Sep-08 17:28:07

Isn't there that booklet thingy that is always in doctor's surgeries with all this info in.

Can't rememebr the dam name. Has lists of all playgroups and stuff in all Crookes, Walkley, Lodge Moor Crookes, Crosspool, Fulwood, Greystones etc.

What the hell is is called!!!

Hulababy Sun 07-Sep-08 17:56:02

Chatterbox I think - that covers Crookes, nt sure about where else.

fizzbuzz Sun 07-Sep-08 20:28:43

Yes, Chatterbox, that's it. Covers all those aras I've talked about. I think there is a website as well

katz Mon 08-Sep-08 21:13:19

yep there is a magazine chatterbox

ithinkimtallandblonde Fri 12-Sep-08 21:56:06

I can highly recommend the mums and baby group at forbes rd/ walkley lane in Hillsborough theres always plenty of new mums from crookes and walkley. It used to be on a wednesday morning but i think its changed to Tues, your hv should know.

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