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sportacusfan Thu 10-Jul-08 20:11:58

We're having a garage sale on Saturday 12th July from 1pm onwards.

Address is 127 Norton Lane, Norton, Sheffield, S8 8GX.

All items are in excellent condition so please come along and have a browse!!

squilly Thu 10-Jul-08 21:04:36

Ooohhh....sounds like fun....

What kind of things have you got?? Eg....what age group stuff is being sold? Boys or girls? What kind of things (just roughly!)

Just don't want to waste anyone's time really by turning up and not being interested in any of it.

Hope this makes sense and comes across o.k. If I'm coming across like an a**ehole, apologies. I feel a little out of synch with the world today so I may not be putting this right!

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