Sheffield High School vs Tapton / Silverdale

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SusanSand Fri 03-Jul-15 20:02:02

I posted this on MN in 'education' - but then thought it might be better here!
Here goes...

Hello all,

DH and I have recently separated, and I am thinking of moving back to Sheffield (born and bred in S17) with DD, who is nearly 11 (so young in her year). She is currently just finishing Yr 6 at a girls' prep school. DS is boarding at Winchester.

Our divorce is going to have a catastrophic effect on our finances and will leave us both relatively badly off. However, DD's schooling is my number one priority; I will compromise on a house and so on because I believe proximity to extended family will compensate for the change in lifestyle.

However, I have a bit of a school dilemma as a result.

Thoughts so far are:

EITHER: Buy a v cheap house where school catchment doesn't matter, and send her to SHS (my old school...).

Advantage: it is all girls, which she's used to, and which I like. Plus it's independent, and DS is staying at Winchester so it wouldn't feel as if I were prioritising his education over hers.

Disadvantage: it's expensive. And is it really that much better than the state options?

OR: Buy a v cheap house in the relevant catchment area and send her to Tapton or Silverdale (if - big IF! - they have places at any point).

Advantage: it's free.

Disadvantage: I'm terrified of comprehensives, having never set foot in one. DD would undoubtedly be distracted by boys (she is already showing tendencies, despite having a smelly older brother). How do you know who they are friends with in such a huge place?!

My family tell me that Tapton is now excellent (it wasn't when I was at school, but these things do change) - though none of us has any experience of state education at all.

DD is bright and sporty and very, very good at art. She likes reading and doing handstands. She is inclined to coast if left to her own devices, and believes that she is less able than she is (the result of having mega-high-achieving brother). She gets distracted by anything she finds funny; she apparently works hard at school but I haven't seen much evidence of this at home other than in art. She also plays two instruments (her choice - not mine!)

I would be really, really grateful for any insights from anyone with children at any of these schools!

Hulababy Mon 10-Aug-15 22:28:21

My dd is at SHS and loves it.

Both Silverdale and Tapton have good reputations and good ratings regards OFSTED etc. But both are over subscribed so it may need going onto a waiting list.

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