Buying a house in Sheffield, nr the university (of S).

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LittleFrieda Wed 19-Sep-12 12:34:05

I really liked the area aroud the Botanical gardens and Ecclesall Rd. Can anyone else recommend any other areas that might be good?

We have up to £200K to spend (pref something more like £150,000) and it must have 3 decent sized bedrooms.

PineappleBed Wed 19-Sep-12 12:40:19

That area for 3 good bedrooms you're looking at at least 250k. When we were looking it was more like 285k if you mean right on those roads. If you're willing to go a bit away from there you might get something like that in sharrow or but v unlikely for 150k.

Everyone likes that area but you have a high likelihood of living next door to students and having a teeny garden. Not a problem for everyone but just thought I'd say.

Get a right move account and start searching there. It'll give you a bit of an idea of the current Market. Zoopla is also good as you can see what stuff is actually going for.

Personally I think you're going to have to compromise on either area, rooms or budget.

PineappleBed Wed 19-Sep-12 12:46:32

By the way, I've just moved to Sheffield area as have my folks. Bigger budgets but I looked at a wide range of stuff and as I'm a nosey bint I'm happy to give opinions on houses/areas etc.

When we were moving a friend recommended the following:

"I'd basically say if you look at a map of sheffield, i'd locate hillsborough which is north west, and then work down anti clockwise towards the west/ south west, until you reach the sort of heeley/ woodseats area. Most places in this area are nice - its postcodes s6, s10, s11, s8 and s17 i think of the top of my head(!)
"heeley is nice, as is nether edge but there pretty different from each other! nether edge has quite big old houses, but also feels quite urban to me, whilst heeley is more of a terracey area, but is v. close to town."

LittleFrieda Wed 19-Sep-12 14:33:34

Thanks, PineappleBed

I don't necessarily mean overlooking the Botanical gardens, just that general area between the Ecclesall Road and the road going out of the city towards Endcliffe.

It's being purchased for my student son, so I don't mind in the least if the area is studenty. grin

LucyEyelesbarrow Wed 19-Sep-12 16:47:55

I've just posted on your thread in property and then saw this one. Getting a terraced house in one of the studenty roads Hunters Bar way for up to 200k shouldn't be a problem at all.

Put S11 into rightmove.

Hulababy Wed 19-Sep-12 16:55:56

Studenty house- Hunter's Bar, Broomhill/Broomhall, Crookes (although more and more family orientated now as well, but great location for the university, maybe a bit further down into Crookesmoor?)

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