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pinkglittermags Mon 09-Jul-12 17:00:43

Good afternoon everyone,

I am new to SF so apologies if I should not have posted my request on this part of the Forum.

My name is Mags and I am desperate to get some advice, help to sort my son Dorian's after school care.
Dorian will start school in September at Greystones Primary and since he got his place in May I have been trying to find a solution to my childcare problem.
Both myself and his dad work full-time and need someone to pick him up from school and look after him until we can pick him up at 6.
I have just managed to find some arrangement for Friday(I think..) now I need something Monday to Thursday.

Does anyone know of any child minder, nanny, after school club with vacancies from September in the S11 area?

Thank you all very much in advance.
Take care

PandaG Mon 09-Jul-12 17:09:48

this is Mumsnet rather than Sheffield Forum smile

to answer your question, I don't know anyone in S11, sorry.

Couple of suggestions - have you asked in the school if they have a list of childminders in the area? Or put a notice up on parents notice board in the school asking if anyone has spaces?

some of the nurseries around here (S10), also provide afterschool and holiday care - have you tried the nurseries near the school? Again, school office may know of any that pick up.

Hulababy Mon 09-Jul-12 17:21:49

Speak to the school - they may well have a list of local providers if they don't have their own ASC.

Contact local nurseries - many do school pick ups and asc.

Contact local childminders - think you can get a list of all those registered - and see if they have spaces.

Google "after school care Sheffield 11" - I did it quickly and it brings up a whole list of places you could look into.

pinkglittermags Mon 09-Jul-12 20:40:38

Thank you for your suggestions, unfortunately I have already tried most of them. But it is always useful to know that I am going down the right avenues.Fingers crossed I get there.

Have a nice evening.

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