*LOST!* Teddybear, S11.

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LifesComplicated Tue 22-May-12 22:33:31

Please help! We lost my son's teddybear between Stainton Rd and Onslow Road today (Tues 22nd May) at approx 5pm. We went out immediately to search for him, but someone had seemingly picked him up. It has been a hot day with lots of groups of students and families leaving the park around that time, so if someone has seen him or picked him up PLEEEEEASE call or message me.
He's orange-ish, very soft and fluffy, with a ribbon round his neck.

He's been my one-year old son's comforter since birth, and he can't sleep tonight without him; he's devastated!

Reward offered!!!
Thanks for reading.

ScampiFriesRuleOK Thu 31-May-12 14:17:18

He's been found!!!! Thanks so much to Sally and her boys Sam and Jack, who found him a week after he disappeared, and called to reunite us. We now have a very happy little boy here!

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