Lost Blue Bear - Rother Valley Country Park.

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backintraining Wed 28-Mar-12 11:11:25

Sorry, am posting this all over but DS is devastated.

DS, 3 years, has had this bear "Blue Bear" since he was born and takes him EVERYWHERE but unforuntately yesterday (Tues 27th) at about 3pm Blue Bear was lost at the above country park on the grass near the cable ski.

Obviously if someone reading this happened to find him then we would love to have him back..... mega long shot!!

Other than that, would anyone have one that they no longer need, we would pay. This is probably even more of a long shot because he was part of a gift box from Mothercare that contained a blanket, sleepsuit, bib etc. He is about 8ins tall, very non-descript, no fancy markings and a pale blue colour.

I've been on the Mothercare website, phoned them etc, with no joy. DS is heartbroken and its awful seeing him like this.


Springforward Wed 28-Mar-12 21:48:47

Sorry I can't help, thought I'd just bump this into the active list in case someone else can?

katz Wed 28-Mar-12 21:52:57

Hope you find him, have you posted on the Sheffield forum? And possibly a plea through Sheffeld freegal/freecycle large readership there.

katz Wed 28-Mar-12 21:53:43

Also do you have a picture of blue bear?

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