Jobs and salaries in Sheffield

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Hulababy Wed 08-Feb-12 18:12:33

I have no idea re the jobs in that area.

However some jobs in Sheffield do command £100k+ salaries, and there are a fair few people in Sheffield earning these kind of wages.

As to how much you need - well, it depends where you want to live, type of schooling, lifestyle, etc.

Have a look on Right Move at house prices. The more expensive areas are generally in the SW areas I guess, postcodes S10, S11 and S17, etc.

WantToMoveNorth Wed 08-Feb-12 15:21:10


I currently live in Surrey and my husband commutes into london. My dream is to move to Sheffield, as I went to university there and I love the city. What I'm trying to find out is what is a comfortable salary in sheffield, as I guess you need less than in london? I'm on mat leave at the moment and don't plan to return work for a couple of years so we are really reliant on my husbands salary. My husband currently earns £100k, so what is an equivalent salary in Sheffield? He is a director for a marketing agency, do these kind of jobs exist in Sheffield?

I just don't know where to start and I'm desperate to move!

Thanks in advance

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