possiblility of moving to Sheffield - tell me about schools, housing, life there etc!

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papooser Mon 23-Jan-12 01:48:31

We are currently living in Australia but looking to move back to the UK. One of the possibilities would be a move to Sheffield (DH worked there for a couple of years back in 2003). Can anyone give me any information on life there? I've read good things about it - safe, green, good for families. We have 6 yr old twin boys, who are very active and have been brought up with an outdoor lifestyle - what kinds of things are there for kids to do there?
Re housing, DH would be working at the Uni - what kind of areas would you recommend? What areas to avoid? And what about state schools (primary and secondary)?
Any information would be really appreciated - it's a huge decision for us because, having moved around a lot, I'm very keen to make this the last move!
thanks so much

Hulababy Sun 19-Feb-12 13:04:51

Welcome to Sheffield - well, for the future anyway!
I am sure you will like it a lot here.

Can pass on independent school info too should you require it. Main choices for boys would be Birkdale (boys school, takes girls at sixth form, excellent reputation), Westbourne (coed to 16y, very good, non selective) and Mlynhurst (prep only, cooed, Cathholic)

papooser Tue 21-Feb-12 02:04:12

Thanks, that's really kind of you - will do.

papooser Tue 21-Feb-12 02:05:14

And thanks for the independent schools info! So much to organise now...

MissCrocus Sun 26-Feb-12 16:46:40

LOL at Thisnickname, who comes from WALES and thinks Sheffield is a dump!
OK, she's right about the city centre shops.
The whole of the west of Sheffield is pretty nice- not within my budget though, sadly. I was very taken by the fabulous free activity centre for children in Hightfields and that whole area has a very cool trendy vibe, urban in a cool way rather than a scary way. Disclaimer: I'm not from Sheffield but have visited and am researching a move there myself, next year hopefully. Sheffield people are lovely.

mintchocchick Tue 28-Feb-12 14:10:26

Congratulations papooser on your DHs job offer and your decision to move. I think it's a great decision as Sheffield is a fabulous place to live. We moved here last summer and are really enjoying the outdoor/walking type of lifestyle we have.

I have lived in several other UK cities and moved to Sheffield from Ireland so have lots of experience of setting up home in different places - nowhere has offered such a healthy outdoor lifestyle as Sheffield.

We live in S10, our DSs go to fabulous local state primary schools with a walking bus to the infants which must walk about a mile (check out the Nether Green infants and junior schools websites). I was particularly bothered about secondary schools as we can't afford private schooling, but having spoken to lots of parents with secondary age children here, I'm not worried at all. It seems lots of people who you might imagine could afford private schooling, chose not to and that speaks volumes about the state schools. We are heading to Tapton for our eldest but if we get our second choice - King Edwards, I'll be happy as so many parents round here rate the school highly and they strike me as fussy people, not that easily pleased when it comes to their children's education!

Things we do in Sheffield at weekends:-
We walk along Porter Brook up to Mayfield Valley, or take bikes to Endcliffe Park, walk/cycle/playground/decent coffee in cafe there. Swim at fabulous pools with slides like Hillsborough, Ponds Forge and Barnsley Metrodome.
Go for educational visits to Magna Science Centre, a bit of culture at Yorkshire Sculpture Park or the Showroom cinema, some wildlife at Anston Butterfly House & Meerkat Mansion! There really are tons of things to do.

Forget the shops - I think Sheffield city is quite run down but it doesn't negatively affect my quality of life - just means I do other, more interesting things with my time!

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