possiblility of moving to Sheffield - tell me about schools, housing, life there etc!

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papooser Mon 23-Jan-12 01:48:31

We are currently living in Australia but looking to move back to the UK. One of the possibilities would be a move to Sheffield (DH worked there for a couple of years back in 2003). Can anyone give me any information on life there? I've read good things about it - safe, green, good for families. We have 6 yr old twin boys, who are very active and have been brought up with an outdoor lifestyle - what kinds of things are there for kids to do there?
Re housing, DH would be working at the Uni - what kind of areas would you recommend? What areas to avoid? And what about state schools (primary and secondary)?
Any information would be really appreciated - it's a huge decision for us because, having moved around a lot, I'm very keen to make this the last move!
thanks so much

katz Thu 26-Jan-12 22:16:27


Sheffield is a great place to live, where to suggest depends on what what you like, city centre, suburb, country and your budget. Sheffield has all of these all within easy reach of the Uni. I live in s10 and work at the Uni, it's great as. Can do the school run and get to work for 9.

What do you fancy in terms of setting?

DoodleAlley Thu 26-Jan-12 22:19:10

I love living in Sheffield. If your boys are active I'd suggest the west side of the city closer to the peaks.

It's got all the amenities of a city but the commute in is far less than most cities and you can get out to the countryside within minutes from some places.

papooser Sat 28-Jan-12 04:23:29

Thanks so much for your replies.
Katz, I was thinking of the west side, near the Uni, probably near Crookes. Our budget would be 300,000. Are there good schools around S10?
I like the idea of being in a city but without the commute! Currently we're in Brisbane, on an outer suburb, and it's a long drive to get anywhere!

Hulababy Sat 28-Jan-12 11:55:03


I also live in Sheffield, in S10. I live a bit further up the hill than Katz, in Lodge Moor. My DD is 9y.

Sheffield is a fab city to live in.

Your boys will love the peaks if very active and outdoor boys.

There are many actives for children round here from parks and playgrounds to organised activities such as climbing, Cubs, drama, sports, etc. We have a few swimming pools, etc too.

Lots of schools in the area, many of them with very good reputations. Quite varied in what they offer from some being quite academic in nature/reputation to others being a bit more relaxed or focused on the wider picture.

Hulababy Sat 28-Jan-12 11:57:05

What type of house are you thinking of? How big? Bedrooms? Garden? Type of street/location?

Have a look on Right Move perhaps.

katz Sat 28-Jan-12 22:20:38

I'm in crookes, it's lovely both westways and lygate which are the crookes primaries are good. Are your boys yr1 or 2?

I love being able to do the school run on my way to work and be in the office by 9.

Like hula says what sort of house, s10 has a diverse housing stock, although crookes is mainly 3 bed terrace houses.

katz Sat 28-Jan-12 22:42:21

Because I love a spot of house hunting and won't be moving anytime soon myself.




Over budget but very nice






papooser Sun 29-Jan-12 08:29:11

Katz, the boys are yr 1 - seems crazy to be thinking about secondary school now but I'm keen not to move again (or at least whilst they are school age). I also have to get my head round the UK school system - out here, it's very simple. You just enrol your kids at the local school at any time - for many schools, you don't even need to be in the catchment area.

Hulababy, we really need a four bedroom house, because I'm self-employed. Definitely a garden too. But having looked at those links (thanks Katz!) it seems we can afford something nice. Hm, it's definitely looking like a good option and it's good to hear there are good schools around there.
Anyway, thanks all for your replies - really helpful, thanks.

Hulababy Sun 29-Jan-12 08:54:55

Secondary schools in S10 area are Tapton and King Edwards.
For S11 there are Silverdale and High Storres.

Hulababy Sun 29-Jan-12 08:55:51

Another area you could also consider for the outdoor element would be Dore. I don't know much of that area really though, except that a lot of Dore village is very nice.

Hulababy Sun 29-Jan-12 08:59:48

Also some new properties here: www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-19944378.html which you may be able to get some deals on.

Crosspool is a little bit further up the hill from Crookes and Broomhill but only 2 miles or so with good bus links. The houses are generally a little bigger than Crookes and more semis than terraces I guess. Think it would be Lydgate catchment and then Tapton for secondary.

But further up from Crosspool is Sandygate, then Lodge Moor.

katz Sun 29-Jan-12 20:19:22

Snowing here at the moment!

Your boys are the year below my youngest DD. Not sure how school admissions work if you join mid way through the year, but guessing there's a form to fill in.

Let us know if your defineatly moving here, can post so more links to houses.

Hulababy Sun 29-Jan-12 20:28:09

Mid year transfers: https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/education/information-for-parentscarers/admissions-process/apply/applying-for-a-school-place.html#midyeartransfers

papooser Sun 29-Jan-12 22:16:22

Thanks guys! And especially for all the links - very useful, especially the schools admissions one.
DH is flying to the UK tonight for another interview (York), but will be stopping off in Sheffield for an informal interview. I'll let you know if we decide to move there. Thanks again.

Hulababy Mon 30-Jan-12 21:08:37

Good luck you you all re the possible move.

thisnickname Mon 06-Feb-12 01:20:56

My husband was offered a promotion here in Sheffield and took it I agrred to it before hand.

We moved a year ago from Manchester. Moved around the uk a lot via his work so we have lived in most cities and I did to much travling (world) before i meet him! Manchester/brighton and Glasgo are some of the best cities in the UK. I was born and breed in wales and I'm welsh. Luckly we will be moving within the year again so I can leave this place. I no longer shop in Sheffield I go to manchester a 3 hour journey with a three year old and one year old! The place makes me feel dirty and makes my skin crawl. My husband likes it though but he grew up in manchester in the 80's so maybe thats why?

Sheffield is a dump, shopping in the city is VERY poor the shops are EXTREMLY small (meadowhall is any old shopping centre if you move go there), its a dirty city dirtier than london (yes I have lived there), old in a bad way and chavs everywhere!

I have friends here that I will still come to see after we move. Please the people wanting you to move here probably see you as house buyer wanting you to buy there house so they can leave or well god knows who would wanna live here.

Hulababy Mon 06-Feb-12 18:35:13

thisnickname - your thoughts on Sheffield are very much the opposite of most people I know.

We chose to move to Sheffield and chose to remain in Sheffield.

Maybe it is where you live/go, I don't know. But it is different to most people I know.

Sheffield is like a big village in most people's view. And one of the most friendly and welcoming place I have ever lived.

Yes, there are some places that are not so great but that is the case in every city. The areas suggested on here are not those places.

Did you know that Sheffield has the highest retention of students than any other city in the UK and has had for years? Students come here and never want to leave. they chose to stay her, set up home, raise families, etc.

Sheffield is also one of the greenest cities in the country, with more open green space than any other city.

But each to their own. I love Sheffield. It is such a friendly place to live. The place thisnickname describes is not the Sheffield I know.

I am very curious as to where you live though!

BlackMogul Tue 07-Feb-12 12:22:45

Sheffield is a great place to live, but be VERY CAREFUL about what secondary school your children will go to. Some of the Sheffield Secondary schools are dire and are in the worst 200 in the Country. Look at the latest GCSE results for the Sheffield schools and try and live in the catchment areas of the best schools. The results at many of the schools are truly shocking and some don't have 6th forms either. Lots of the schools have hardly any children passing 5 GCSE's that include English,Maths,a Science, a Language and a Humanities subject - so if you think your children are bright, steer very clear of these. Good university places depend upon children having a decent spread of GCSE subjects. The Daily Telegraph website has tables and maps of schools so you can see which is best. Otherwise - go for it!

sleeplessinderbyshire Tue 07-Feb-12 15:06:06

dying to know where on earth thisnickname lives. Doesn't sound like the sheffield I know and love (and miss like anything now we live down the road in Derbyshire,). I went to Sheffield from down south for university and stayed on. 15 years late Sheffield is and will always be "home" and DH and I keep saying if we win the lottery and can give up our (Derbyshire based) jobs we shall be back there in a heartbeat

Hulababy Tue 07-Feb-12 16:48:12

Many Sheffield secondaries don't have sixth forms. This happened a few years ago now. The schools in the South West in general decided to keep their sixth forms. There are now some sixth form colleges, or there are places in some of the ones within the existing school sixth forms generally. Or there is the college too.

Whilst there are some schools at the bottom of the tables there are also some very very good schools too.

Like anywhere, look around first.

There are also some good independent options should you wish to look in that sector also.

katz Thu 09-Feb-12 16:53:23

thisnickname - i have to agree with hula and say your experience is very unusual and not at all like anyone else i have ever know who's lived in Sheffield. My parents have re-located to Sheffield because a. we live her and b. my mums says sheffield feels like home, and she's only lived here for a year.

South Yorkshire has a whole has some of the poorest areas in the country as well as some of the richest, it truly is a mixed area. As with any City there is a differences between areas and you have to do your homework as to which you would want to live.

Shopping wise i don't think Sheffield really offers anything less than other medium sized cities, it has some good independent shops and has a range of the bigger names. There are lots of places to eat out and things to do. One of things i love about Sheffield is especially from where i live, less than 10 mins to the shops/restaurants/cinema but equally less than 10 mins to completely open country side and peace and quiet. Best of both worlds.

wizzler Wed 15-Feb-12 13:43:46

I have lived in a few places, but Sheffield is by far the best. The people are so friendly, we have great sports facilities, and the countryside in the Peaks is wonderful.

I lived in Totley for a while which had a great feel to it.. King Egberts is the secondary school there. Currently living in Beauchief, which is fab.

Best schools in Sheffield are reckoned to be Silverdale , High Storrs, Tapton..

papooser Fri 17-Feb-12 02:40:15

Thanks all for your further replies - even the negative one. I know that no place is perfect, and I guess you have to decide what's important to you. (I currently live in Brisbane, where the shops are dire, so I don't think it could be any worse. Not a big shopper anyway.)
The school situation is the bit that worries me the most but I guess as you say the thing to do is make sure you're in the catchment area for good schools. It's possible that we may be able to afford to go private.
Anyway to update, DH has been offered the job with a very good salary and we have decided that we are going to make the move. I'll keep you all updated (and will no doubt have more questions...), although we won't be moving until the end of this year.
Thanks once again.

katz Sat 18-Feb-12 14:59:37

Papooser - let us know when you're closer o moving here or you want more info. once your here we will have to have a welcome to Sheffield met up.

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