How popular would a new play centre be in central dronfield.

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rascalshq Sun 06-May-12 20:58:38

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DebbieSWFC Sat 28-Jan-12 10:14:23

Thanks for your comments on this, it was very useful.

TheBabyFriendlyGuide Mon 16-Jan-12 12:58:58

I've heard the Play arena is good, but I know that I wouldn't be too bothered going there if there was something that catered for the younger ones here in Dronfield. Have you thought of specialising in babies and toddlers? As the Wacky warehouse and Jungle only have ball pools and a few soft shapes. If you promoted it more of a tots place especially during the day in term time I'm sure you would get a lot of interest. Good Luck

sleeplessinderbyshire Sun 15-Jan-12 09:35:30

i think ever since that fabulous one in Heeley opened (Play Arena) that anywhere elsed would have to be very very good indeed to compete. Even the grotty jungle seems to have bucked up its ideas and got cleaner and better in response

TheBabyFriendlyGuide Sun 15-Jan-12 09:32:22

It's worth going down to Gladys Buxton centre and asking if you can talk to some of the the groups there. We've been down to get some market research and they're very willing to talk and help and offer advice - both the centre and the mums too.

TheBabyFriendlyGuide Sat 14-Jan-12 22:58:52

I guess you know there's already Wacky Warehouse and the Jungle too, Would you offer something different to them? And where would you locate it? It sounds really interesting and Dronfield def needs something else, especially if you can offer more than the ones already established.

DebbieSWFC Sat 14-Jan-12 16:46:37

A soft play centre for ages 0 - around 12. Perhaps something like runaround etc.

TheBabyFriendlyGuide Fri 13-Jan-12 21:00:26

Are you talking about a soft play centre? And what age group are you aiming for?

DebbieSWFC Fri 13-Jan-12 14:28:24

I am trying to assess the need for a higher class play centre/meeting place for parents and children alike in the centre of dronfield. Any feedback would be excellent.

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