Moving back to chesterfield

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iowmum88 Wed 09-Nov-11 10:22:06

hi people we are going to be moving back up to Chesterfield in the new year after living on the isle of Wight for 3 years. Would be nice to get to know a few people. have got a 2 year old and 1 on the way.
My DP has never lived anywhere but the island so bit worried as he Wont no many people!!

manfalou Mon 23-Jan-12 13:32:54

Heya.... I teach Lazy Daisy antenatal classes in Chesterfield and will be teaching Baby classes too soon. Would be a great place to meet new mummies . Email if you'd like more info x

thisnickname Mon 06-Feb-12 01:24:38

Hi, Surestart is a great place to meet new people with children all ways loads of things going on in them and they are everywhere.

emmiel89 Mon 06-Feb-12 19:43:31

Hi im from Sheffield so only 10/15mins away. Have you already moved? When are you due? Im due early October.

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