What do teenagers do in the evenings?

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Rooble Wed 03-Aug-11 09:49:04

Hello! I just need some advice: my 14 year old cousin is currently staying with me, doing an English language course in Sheffield.
She asked me if she could go to the Peace Gardens this evening to meet friends off her course - we live in totley and I'm reluctant for her to do this as: a) the ambassadors clock off at 7.30, b) it's a long way away, c) she's only 14, d) she's from a small and very safe village and I don't think really gets the difference between that and a city.
But where do teenagers go to socialise? The students on the course are based all over Sheffield so although i'd be happy for them to come here I can see them being reluctant. Can anyone please advise? (feeling slightly sick with worry about her!!!)

Hulababy Mon 22-Aug-11 14:00:58

Does shd like drama? I know of a small drama group called Redirections, part of A Mind Apart, in Sheffield who meet for a couple of hours on a friday evening and they are also working towards their Arts Awards. Really sociable group too from what I have seen.

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