advice on relocating to sheffield

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Hulababy Sun 08-Jan-12 22:02:28

We live at Lodge Moor, S10 and in walking distance to Stanage Edge, ideal for climbing.

LucyBabyCalm Wed 04-Jan-12 12:57:25

Hi, not sure if you've decided yet - I've only just joined. The South West (S7, S11, S8, S17) is best for getting out climbing in the Peak, though parts of these areas reflect that in the price! I suppose it depends where your course is as well.
I love being right on the edge of the city (Totley/ Bradway area) because I can get out climbing so easily but still have easy access to everything in town.

philbee Sat 31-Dec-11 08:26:03

This is great - I just came to ask the same question. Will check out Hillsborough on our impending recce!

ClareyB Sun 18-Dec-11 19:50:27

Yep, Hillsborough is where we are. We are not Sheffield born and bred - came here for University and stayed! Good links to City Centre and Uni, proper community - I can't walk to the shops without seeing several people I know! Good primary schools... Great facilities for families such as park, library soft play centre, shops etc.
And much cheaper houses than S10 or S11!

LegoUniverse Sat 03-Dec-11 19:45:20

I've lived in Hillsborough for 20 years and raised 4 kids here. The schools are solid, and there is a great sense of local community. The tram makes commuting the the universities easy, but it depends where your PT course is (whether it is an HE course at a local college or at one of the Universities which are both on the tram route). Hillsborough is cheaper than Crookes and Broomhill for buying and renting, and better for getting out of town North (to Leeds, or Barnsley, or Doncaster). Lots of nurseries, and childminders too.

coolragdoll Thu 01-Dec-11 19:02:27

I cld also recommend Hillsborough for price, parks, library, gym, shops, trams etc- primary schools are fine- dcs attend Rivelin School v happily.

huffythethreadslayer Mon 22-Aug-11 15:19:54

I'm in S11, not the expensive bit, but the slightly cheaper bit. It's lovely here. We're just around the corner from the round walk, which goes all the way through Derbyshire, near Ecclesall Park, which is gorgeous. There are climbing places nearby (indoor, The Works). Schools are good here, on the whole. I wouldn't live anywhere else (other than Sheffield, I mean). I used to live in S8, Woodseats, and that was cool too. Most areas in Sheffield are near good parks and plenty of greenery and wherever you go, you'll never be more than half an hour away from lots of good green open spaces.
Good luck!

PandaG Mon 22-Aug-11 15:12:20

agree with previous posters. I live in S10 - Crookes rather than Broomhill. Local schools are good, as are public transport links to town. University is an easy walk from Crookes.

I know a coupleof childminders locally - I used to be one. If you end up this way rather Hillborough I could recommend.

Hulababy Mon 22-Aug-11 14:05:56

DD's school in S10, not 11.

Hulababy Mon 22-Aug-11 14:05:42


I live in Sheffield 10 and there are a few MNetters (mainly on the main talk boards, rather than just here on local) from the area.

I have a 9y DD. She goes to a small prep school in S11.

My DD loves climbing and over the past year has been doing the climbing sessions at The Edge, based near town. They have both bouldering and clibing there and cater for all ages and all abilities. they also arrange outdoor climbing too I believe.

I work at an infant school in S11 - Hunters Bar. I can tell you more should you be interested further.

I will try and point some other local MNetters in this direction - theyll have more information about local schools too.

Lots and lots of family friendly activites, esp out of doors, in the area too.

owl72 Fri 05-Aug-11 15:11:17

I live just up from Hillsborough and I like the area. As the previous replier states it has great access to the tram service and Hillsborough shops are ok for popping to for bargin bits and bobs.

Hillsborough has a lovely big park with a nice play ground and pond and huge playing areas. There is a good leisure centre across the road from the park with a good facilities. Rivelin valley is also easily accessable which then leads into the peak district which is perfect for someone with your interests.

I have no recent experience of the schools in the area but I don't hear anything really bad about any of them so that has to be good.

sleeplessinderbyshire Tue 19-Jul-11 22:25:48

Sheffield is a great place to live. Hillsborough would get a thumbs up from me for good location, reasonable house prices and decent schools. Have several friedns who are very happy living there. There's a great tram service into the city centre as well as lots of shops locally for food/general bits and pieces. Outibridge is also nice but a bit further out and I think pricier. Nicer areas are S10 (broomhill/ranmoor/fulwood) S11 (nether green/ecclesall) S17 (totley/dore) and bits of S8 (millhouses) but they can be very very expensive. I persoanlly would avoid S2 and S5 like the plague

sorry I know little about childcare in sheffield as we moved away jsut as I went back to work. The NCT in sheffield is very active and have a good magazine which probably has some good listings

startraveller Mon 18-Jul-11 22:18:46

I am starting a part time uni course near sheffield in autumn and am thinking about moving to the city instead of commuting from the north west. I have a soon to be 5 year old boy and am a single mum, his dad lives in north west. any advice on areas to look for housing, schools, childminders ( one day of the course is a long day), family friendly activities would be very gratefully received. I've seen some properties in the hillsborough area-any thoughts?

I also love the outdoors and rock climbing so anyone with those interests would be good to hear from you, thankyou

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