mum and baby groups?

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MusicTimeKelso Mon 16-Jan-12 19:28:12

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

duffpancake Fri 13-Feb-09 22:53:29

I went to the Selkirk one a few times before Xmas but stopped going because the last couple of times I was the only one there-- just saw on another thread you saying the same thing! grin

(it's mybabysinthegarden btw, just namechanged)

MamacitaGordita Thu 05-Feb-09 13:56:51

oooh I go to the Selkirk one every week- might know you! lol
Didn't know about the Gala one, thanks!

mybabysinthegarden Tue 27-Jan-09 15:57:34

Don't know if you're bf but there are bf groups at both the Gala and Selkirk GP practises-- I've been to both on and off and they seem to be as much for meeting other mums and having a chat as for bf advice. The Gala one is Wed and the Selkirk one on Thurs.

MamacitaGordita Wed 21-Jan-09 16:40:57

Thanks LadyPink, I'll see if I can find one x

LadyPinkOfPinkerton Tue 20-Jan-09 19:55:28

If you look in the free Borders guide. Its often lying around in swimming pools you might find some. I'm more over Peebles way myself so don't know any specifically. Although I do think there is one in Darnick

MamacitaGordita Tue 20-Jan-09 15:49:43

Just wondering if anyone knows of any mum/baby groups in Selkirk, Melrose or Galashiels? Starting to feel a bit housebound and don't know anyone round here as we moved just before DS was born in Nov!

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