Can anyone recommend a place for alterations?

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vbus Sun 16-Aug-09 18:39:40

Want to get jacket sleeves shortened, does anyone know where I can get this done? Pref around Kingston/Teddington/Twickenham area

Jacket was expensive for a wedding so would prefer a recommendation rather than just take it to local dry cleaners.


AnotherMuesliPleaseBarman Mon 21-Sep-09 08:34:17

Hello! smile

Haven't logged onto these pages in ages, as you have probably gathered.

I like 'New Stitches' tailor on Paradise Road, Richmond (the road starts off as 'Red Lion Street' when you turn off main Richmond high street by Waterstones on corner, and wander up past The Tea Box cafe). They've done a couple of good alteration jobs for me, when I've needed something more fiddly doing than just turning up trousers.

Hope this helps, though you may have found a place by now!

vbus Mon 21-Sep-09 14:57:10

Thanks Museli, will bear in mind for the future... Ended up taking to local dry cleaners as wedding is soon and they were great.

Hope all well with you, not seen you for while smile

tonip Thu 05-Nov-09 18:40:14


Just a comment re the tailors mentioned by AnotherMuesliPleaseBarman - I recently had a total disaster with New Stitches in Richmond when they shortened the sleeves on a (brand new!) coat, and they point blank refused to refund me its value - despite initially promising they would do so. It was an expensive coat and I have now started the process for issuing a county court claim against them to get my money back.

Long story but basically they 1) shortened the sleeves too much; 2) then agreed to lengthen them again, but created a line where the previous alteration was and did not get the sleeves straight the second time; 3) somehow got a blue pen mark on one of the sleeves during the second alteration, then insisted on taking it to their own dry-cleaner rather than one of my choice but the mark didn't totally come out and the fabric was damaged; and 4) last but definitely not least, cracked two of the buttons on the coat when it was at the dry-cleaner. When I asked to speak to the owner I was told he was 'on holiday' and in any event didn't speak English. They never called me back as promised. I'm sure you'll agree this was a catalogue of mishaps and there is no question they should pay for the damage but they have been rude, unhelpful and intransigent about the whole thing. You couldn't pay me to go back to them!!

Hope this info stops someone else from having the same type of dreadful experience that I did with New Stitches.

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