play groups suitable for v.young children in twickenham

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poppy34 Thu 15-Jan-09 18:16:06

any ideas for places to take a bunch of 7 month olds in twickenham to make a change from trying to entertain them in coffee shops or at each others houses? or is it a case of waiting til they're older/its warm enough to play outside

castlesintheair Thu 15-Jan-09 18:22:58

1 o'clock club at Marble Hill?

Know lots of places in Richmond if you are prepared to cross the river ...

poppy34 Thu 15-Jan-09 18:27:13

yep wouldnt mind so suggestions welcome -had a look on council website but seemed to have a lot more for toddlers rather than baby

thank you smile

ramonaquimby Thu 15-Jan-09 18:37:48

went to a new place today - think it's called 'Riverside. It's in behind York House and is a playgroup in the morning, but a drop-in from 1pm onwards Mon-Thurs. Was really great - quite 'earthy' (sand pit inside with sand trailing everywhere.......) had a huge ball pit and carpeted area for babies.

ramonaquimby Thu 15-Jan-09 18:39:46

there is also Snakes and Ladders which had a good gated babies area separate from toddlers and kids play gym - it's in Syon Park in Isleworth, really not far at all from Twickenham.

poppy34 Thu 15-Jan-09 18:44:49

thanks ramona -useful to know re york house as I didnt know that they did babies as well as toodlers.

SJ99 Fri 16-Jan-09 14:48:38

Hello Poppy

The Trinity church on Twick Green has recently been done up and is really nice now. It has a separate baby section & is fairly quiet. Haven't been lately but last I knew was that it's on Thurs 10-12.

Otherwise Cheeky Monkeys in Marble Hill on Tue & Fri 10-12pm is great, it has a bigger baby area.

Salvation Army also does a playgroup with baby section on Mon am but not so keen on that one.

Or if you head over to Teddington, Open Door at Baptist Church Tue 10-11.30am is brill for babies & toddlers but you have to get there early as the numbers are restricted

jane1234 Tue 20-Jan-09 19:45:21

I found out about lots of playgroups by googling churches in the area and then looking at their websites. It seems nearly all of them do something once a week.

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