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mellow2 Wed 02-Jul-08 08:55:31

For when the other thread runs out today!

Kewcumber Wed 02-Jul-08 09:19:33

"bucolic" = pastoral, of the gentle coutnryside - you ignorant bums!

Steppie I was so convinced DD must have come first... DS must have been unusually focussed to :

a) have started at the right time
b) be running in the right direction
c) not have given up half way through to study and interesting blade of grass.

slng Wed 02-Jul-08 09:25:17

To be fair "bucolic" does sound like something to do with the plague. And cows. Cow plague.

Kewcumber Wed 02-Jul-08 09:35:01

Pah! My eruditism erudism eruditeness brain the size of a planet is wasted on you.

slng Wed 02-Jul-08 09:56:37

We just got a letter through the post about going to visit DS1's primary school and getting uniforms. And I'm getting more bothered by it than I should be. Those with children in school - please assure me that school is not the end of the world, that it doesn't mean I have to start dealing with people who care more about institutions and targets than my children, that we will still have time to laze about ... Perhaps I need therapy.

MrsRecycle Wed 02-Jul-08 12:45:04

slng - you should move to Ruislip, we never get any letters. We never know what time our LOs need to be at school, who their new teacher will be,etc. Communication is not brilliant, we just have to attend a meeting before our LOs start and that's it. They are getting better and we do get a text service but certainly not the personal touch.

talking of school, I've been meaning to ask does anyone want a nearly new green checked school dress for their DD? It is lovely and a shame to give it to the charity shop. Its age 4-5.

SJ99 Wed 02-Jul-08 14:20:48

Hi just a quickie to say good luck to Sfx, fingers crossed all goes well for you, and

welcome back Foxie smile

sfxmum Wed 02-Jul-08 15:38:01

hello all smile many thanks for good wishes

I am FINE it is a benign Fibroadenoma

I had a mammogram (OUCH) the ultrasound thingy, got a needle in there was told it was all good but to go away for an hr then come back so drooped by my sisters place had coffee and talked Glasto, or rather she talked I listened, back to hospital some more waiting some more prodding of boobs the discharged - huge relief


so back to this thread to despair at ignorance of Latin and Greek good grief grin

husband and child are somewhere in town

sfxmum Wed 02-Jul-08 15:38:48

I might have drooped but I also dropped

MrsRecycle Wed 02-Jul-08 15:41:21

grin grin am so so pleased sfx - and brilliant spelling as well wink. Mammogram is bloody painful isn't it hope the soreness doesn't last too long.

sfxmum Wed 02-Jul-08 15:49:59

am so well she takes the pissgrin

MrsRecycle Wed 02-Jul-08 16:11:55

grin grin

SushiMummy Wed 02-Jul-08 16:32:07

sfx - just a quick one to say I'm so glad to hear it's all clear. Must be a huge relief for you and your family.smile

mellow2 Wed 02-Jul-08 17:21:39

Glad that it's a benign tumour. smile smile

fitfox Wed 02-Jul-08 18:16:06

SFX excellent news {hugs anyway for the relief you must be feeling]

Mammograms hurt but don't boobies look funny when they are all squished like fried eggs?

fitfox Wed 02-Jul-08 18:17:52

Slng - no you can never relax again!!



No seriously, its all good fun. Lots of "stuff" to get involved with. 29 new ready-made chums (all the other clsss mums)

Homework....OK I will stop there!

SJ99 Wed 02-Jul-08 18:40:36

Great news Sfx, what a relief for you and your family smile

stepfordwife Wed 02-Jul-08 19:26:50

oh sfx, that's brilliant.
what a relief, eh?
interesting - teenagers and 20-somethings are are usually more prone to that.
but you've obviously got the breasts of a 25-year-old grin

slng Wed 02-Jul-08 19:30:33

sfx - great news. Reward yourself!

foxie - you are NOT reassuring me! I don't want to get involve with anything... I just want to laze about! It's their homework, not mine. I've already got an education thank-you-very-much. (Does that wash with the teachers?)

stepfordwife Wed 02-Jul-08 19:31:05

school's all right...
but still can't get my head round they have to go every day for a long time..
personally i hate the routine..and god, i miss being able to go on holidays/breaks out of school time..
but they seem to like it...

felt really stupid today ('Mummy, we don't say stupid.") as suddenly dawned on me dd starts reception - proper school!! - sep next year and not 2010 as I had in my head for some dim-witted reason blush
she's my baby - how can she starting school next year??????

stepfordwife Wed 02-Jul-08 19:38:44

can i just say how much easier my job would be if i didn't have to deal with people
pesky critters grin

sfxmum Wed 02-Jul-08 19:42:58

hi everyone thank you very much, it is indeed a huge reliefsmile especially with my 25 yr old boobsgrin thanks steppie
btw needle does not hurt or bother me but not looking forward to any more mammograms ever

got flowers and chocolates from nice shop on Richmond green, I said no to wine because I think my liver will suffer this coming weekend.

slng dd starts nursery part time in September, I refuse to think of school just yet.

foxie was it lack of planning that averted the murder?

bunyan hope you ok must meet up when you feel up to it

rosmerta Wed 02-Jul-08 19:43:21

steppie, your job would be easier but the stories would be pretty dull grin

I know what you mean about dd starting reception, I can't believe ds will be starting nursery school next year! Or are they the same thing? Getting confused again, must stop talking about schools!

sfx, that's such a relief, am so pleased everything's ok.

stepfordwife Wed 02-Jul-08 19:49:24

yes, mammograms are an experience, aren't they?

oh i don't know, ros, sure i could quite happily write about inanimate objects..after all, did a story about kew once wink grin

reception is first year of "proper" school. (very confusing as then their second year of school is called Year 1..)
anyhow, you don't need to know all that....yet

Kewcumber Wed 02-Jul-08 20:58:47

ooh what a relief sfx, very pleased for you.

Strange to think DD and my DS will be in differnt years and that she will be a year ahead of him. Still, he whupped her arse at the toddler race wink

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