Summer holiday activities in Richmond borough or surrounds?

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JJJJJJ Mon 09-Jun-08 15:42:08

Hi, looking for good value holiday courses, ideally about 3-5 hours long, pretty much any activity for 2 boys, eldest nearly 7 and younger turning 4 in August. I've found all the outfits that do full days (Barracudas, Camp England, SuperCamps, Jack&Jill) but trying to track down some smaller locally run or council run ones that run part days, costing less. I haven't found the 'Live it up' paper, wonder if it exists online somewhere and have emailed council, with no joy as yet.
All ideas gratefully received!

GustWriter Thu 19-Jun-08 19:57:58

Funnily enough I got a Barracudas flyer today - but if you want full local listings try your local library or the reference library in Richmond. They should have flyers and booklets and mags listing everything that's on offer.

amidaiwish Thu 17-Jul-08 21:17:17

have you had a look at the Little Gym. DD1 is signed up for their summer camps. 3 hour sessions. you can do once a week for 6 weeks, just one or two, or more often. £25 a session for non members.

There is a camp at St Catherine's School - think it might be Barracudas.

Amida Fitness Club has summer camps - half days and full days. open to non members too.

will be doing some of these next year so please let me know how you get on or what you do this year!

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