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MrsRecycle Thu 21-Feb-08 11:51:19

Due to popular demand, I am starting a thread to ascertain numbers for a week away at Camber Sands in the School Holidays...16th seems to be a popular date. Sign up if you're interested and I'll get quotes off the various owners I know (one of them has a van which has ensuite bedrooms either end of the lounge so great if you want to share with another couple/family).

Obviously, I have a van so won't be signing!!!

MrsRecycle Wed 27-Feb-08 10:51:23

I'm going down this weekend any dates/numbers??

Kewcumber Sat 01-Mar-08 09:23:23

I'm free the two weeks in the run up to the August bank holidays I think Paddle is too.

fitfox Sun 02-Mar-08 12:07:46

Hi MrsR - just spotted this!

We could anytime between 9 and 28 August. I may need to be back for 29th as my book club want to go to France that weekend, but we could do a week during any of that 3 week period.

It would be nice to be there whilst you are there and be situated near your caravan - DCs get on very well don't they?

Hope you are enjoying Mother's Day

Paddlechick666 Thu 06-Mar-08 07:55:45

Only just spotted this today!

I'm up for w/c 16th. Think the GPs are taking dd for the bank holiday week.

MrsR, promise will email about a separate week perhaps May/June.

MrsRecycle Thu 06-Mar-08 08:11:13

I'm going to try and ring a few people up tonight to see if I can get a firm agreement for the 16th, if that's okay. I'll let you know how I get on.

fitfox Thu 06-Mar-08 12:49:56

Thanks MrsR

<good woman!>

fitfox Tue 11-Mar-08 19:53:48


MrsRecycle Thu 13-Mar-08 12:57:30

Okay spoke to df last night and she is going to be there most of August but her df never goes there so she is going to ask her. I'm meeting up with her this weekend so see how she gets on. I'll ring up caravan next to ours for you Foxie (won't be tonight though as ds was up all night and I'm shattered - first time in a long time - don't know what's wrong with him).

I'll also ask dh's friend if they are going to be there that week. There is an owner's party this weekend so I'll ask around (opening night of reburbished Family Fun Bar).

fitfox Thu 13-Mar-08 17:05:40

Party sounds fun MrsR!!

WE can come any of those 3 weeks in Aug

will watch this space, as they say

Paddlechick666 Mon 17-Mar-08 11:28:08

hi MrsR, how was the party?

i'm thinking a week end June/early July outside of summer hols and/or the week in august before hte bank holiday if we can all get there.

have found a single parent trip to tenerife 11th april that i'm considering.

MrsRecycle Tue 25-Mar-08 16:39:40

it was great pc - thanks - they had an Abba tribute band who were pants but then a brilliant comedy trio who made us laugh.
Let me know the weekend you have in mind and I'll ask around.

Okay, thanks to KC's nagging have been sorting things out...

It looks like 16th August is on for everyone -

foxie - will try and get 3 birth van in front of ours (will ring up owner tonight) - will email you price.

KC - have emailed you details of 2 birth van next row down.

pc - how many of you? Would a 2 birth be okay for you? I will speak to a couple of my neighbours and see if I can get you a van close to ours.

If it all goes to plan, we can have a BBQ one night (weather permitting) and we can bring baby monitors and listen-in on LOs. Mind you there is no shortage of babysitters down there. ds was kidnapped at the party and the lovely lady (who is a few caravans down from mine) said she would return him the next day as he was so georgeous.

Paddlechick666 Tue 25-Mar-08 20:57:08

MrsR, definately a 2 berth would suit me. I might have a friend with me but I might also be on my own which should be okay price depending.

Bought dd a very cute little trolley case in Woolies sale today grin

MrsRecycle Wed 26-Mar-08 13:21:29

Have texted you and mailed you PC - it's actually a 3 berth and is our friends van. Only problem is it isn't close to mine/the others - only a 5 minute walk though.

Oh how cute of dd - ds likes his one so much, he tries to leave home every morning.

Okay I think I've emailed everyone now - if you want to go ahead let me know and I'll book.

Also, I was thinking of asking 2Cute to come along and stay at mine that week (with her ds of course).

Carry on Caravanning here we come (after much nagging!)

Paddlechick666 Wed 26-Mar-08 14:27:15

thanks got email. Waiting to see if friend wants to share. Shame not to be in with the gang but will get back to you.

fitfox Sat 05-Apr-08 15:42:12

MrsR have e-mailed you

Paddlechick666 Thu 10-Apr-08 16:29:18

Just bumping and to confirm Paddlechick(s) will be there with our swimmers!

fitfox Fri 11-Apr-08 12:45:02


fitfox Tue 15-Apr-08 10:05:23


fitfox Fri 18-Apr-08 12:44:51


Paddlechick666 Sat 19-Apr-08 17:30:52

having a fantastic weekend down here at camber, de having a ball!
can't wait for august grin

fitfox Sat 19-Apr-08 20:17:45


fitfox Sat 19-Apr-08 20:18:11



MrsRecycle Mon 21-Apr-08 12:44:38

had a lovely week at the van - hardly ever rained. The weekend with pc was wonderful as well - now ds has his first girlfriend - according to dd2. Thanks for a brilliant weekend pc.

Role call is now


They have some brilliant activities for the LOs - we went on a bug hunt, also a treasure hunt, went dancing at night. There is Aqua Babies on a Tuesday morning, that we can all go to (Free of charge). Aqua tots is for the older ones (5+) on a Thursday morning. Plus the lovely beach. I want to live there!

fitfox Mon 21-Apr-08 21:35:42

I want to live there too!!!! envy

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