Newland House and Hampton Infants - state to private move?

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WingingIt24 Sun 23-Apr-17 16:24:46

Hi, DD1 has a place at Newland House. We put her down as we moved out of the borough and weren't overly impressed with the primary schools in our catchment. However, we did the state school applications anyway, and to our surprise, she has been given a place at Hampton Infants. The purpose of this thread isn't to open the whole private v state debate - I was privately educated the whole way, DH state educated the whole way, and we've thought long and hard about the pros and cons. My feeling is Hampton Infants is a good school, as is Hampton Juniors, and obviously whilst it can't compare to Newland in terms of the facilities and class sizes, if we are unhappy at any point, we could try to get her an occasional place at NH or one of the many preps in the area, or sit the 7+? Has anyone had experience of moving kids from state to private like this? And when it comes to the 11plus, how much of an advantage is it really to have gone to one of the preps- my thought is if we as parents are prepared to do extra work with her, and to have her participate in extra curricular activities such as Kumon and music, as well as getting a tutor for the 11 plus, if she's bright-ish, she should be fine?! Am I being naive? Any thoughts much appreciated.

KMFTW1 Sun 23-Apr-17 18:22:35

check the destinations of the leavers from Hampton Juniors.
My DDs were state educated and are now at an independent secondary with many from Newland House.
It is a harder route - you have to be prepared to get your dd to do a lot of extra work and get a tutor. But if you have a bright child and have the energy and willingness to do this it is certainly possible to gain a place at many of the area's independents (Surbiton High, KGS etc.)
If you are set on an independent secondary and have the means to go private for primary, tbh i would. It's fairly stressful from a state primary unless your dd is very very clever (and even then it is stressful as you never really know which the best school for them is).

WingingIt24 Sun 23-Apr-17 23:15:34

Thank you very much KMFTW1. Do you happen to know how easy it might be to get an occasional place at a private school in the area, should we not be happy with HI? I know it very much depends on circumstances, but I just wonder whether in general they are like hens teeth? Thanks in advance.

Icimoi Sun 23-Apr-17 23:36:28

Most of the primary schools in the Richmond area are pretty good, witness the fact that it's constantly at the top of league tables for that age. My DS got into King's College from our local primary school in the area at the age of 11.

But don't bother with Kumon, it's a waste of time.

twick13 Mon 24-Apr-17 09:22:34

If you scroll down you will see Hampton juniors destinations last year
If I recall correctly Newland is stopping its 7+ entry
However within the borough lots of children move from state to private especially at age 11. A lot of these will have had tutoring from year 5.

KMFTW1 Mon 24-Apr-17 10:27:59

I don't know wingingit24
There is lots of movement in this borough so I'd be surprised if it was impossible. Harder I imagine to get in late (after yr4) to those schools with a secondary (LEH, SHS etc.)

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