Grey Court School

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Rosita Wed 19-Apr-17 23:08:57

Can any Grey Court parents give me some honest views about the school?
I know it has an excellent reputation etc etc but what is it really like for the children? How is communication with the parents and how involved do you feel? How good are they at helping children who are struggling or behind? What is the atmosphere and discipline like? Are the teachers inspiring and do they challenge all the children, not just the super bright ones?
My DS may be starting there for Year 9 and it will be a big change for him from a small school with small classes so all this stuff is critically important. Many thanks!

MrsSalvoMontalbano Sat 06-May-17 14:32:54

Not a parent of a child there, but I did work there temporarily recently ( have worked in all of the local schools except Twickenham Academy as a supply teacher) - and you do see the inside story on supply! IMO GC is the best of the Richmond Schools - unsurprising as it has the most effective leadership. The teachers work together - you don't seem to get the staffroom moaning that happens in many places, and I like the way they talk about the children - feels like a nurturing place and academically it seems to me that children are stretch as supported as appropriate. I would go for it rather than others if I had a DC now of school age going into a local state school.

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