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Temperance15 Tue 11-Apr-17 17:26:39

Hello, I am looking for practical insights comparing Kew College versus Broomfield House? Both have good academic results, albeit Kew College seems to be marginally more academically focused and they look like they are getting slightly better results. I wonder if this is the result of a different selection process or rather a result of the education provided per se? I am also looking for a school that fosters confidence, independence and creative thinking - being the first time I go through the school selection drill, I was wondering if anyone had any further insights on which school would suit which type of child. Also Broomfield seems geared towards new families in the area (or they market themselves more as such) so wonder if they have more turnover, and being a smaller school, whether this is a factor to consider too. Finally, what are the parents like in each school (generally speaking as this will change year on year...)? Many thanks!

Gingerbreadbaker Mon 17-Apr-17 08:21:22

I seem to be this morning's Broomfield poster! As I've said before I'm an ex parent but I hope I can help. Broomfield is a much smaller school than Kew College. It has a reputation for being academic, and great at music and drama (and in recent years, football), but they do not select children on ability when they start in pre kindergarten. Not sure why you think they market themselves for new families in the area as we were told by the Head they don't advertise, and never have, and they always seem to have kids there whose parents went to the school, and have continued the family tradition. Look, we really liked it, it seemed less showy (IYSWIM) than Kew College, and more creative, but that was our opinion. We have friends who were at Kew College and were very happy there. I think you've picked the best two schools in Kew, and maybe you should arrange another visit to both and see which school truly speaks to you. I honestly don't think you could go wrong with either.

ThoraNogson2 Fri 05-May-17 14:16:45

Hi. I have two children at KC and am generally very happy with it. It is not a flashy school, most parents are professionals (lawyers, doctors etc) rather than celebrities. The children are very confident and encouraged to participate in everything (music, sport, drama etc). Year 6 results are good and all children go to secondary schools they are happy with. The two forms per year are an advantage as any friendship issues can be dealt with by mixing the classes each year. The main downside is having to make packed lunches, whereas I hear the lunches at Broomfield are really good. They are both great schools, good luck with your choice.

Temperance15 Sat 06-May-17 14:02:04

Thank you so much for your replies ThoraNogson2 and Gingerbreadmaker. I guess it is a question of whether you prefer a smaller school, where they focus on each child, or a slightly bigger and slightly more competitive one? the friendship issues point is also a good point, as I am not sure what I would do if my DC ends up being the unpopular or shy one and does not make friends in a particular cohort. Gingerbreadmaker have you seen this happen at BH (happens everywhere) and what do they do to manage it?

Separately are these the two best schools in Kew? I also heard very good things about Unicorn, is Unicorn in the same league as the other two? However I hear it is very difficult to get in if you did not think ahead and you really have to commit your time more as a parent.

Potol Sun 07-May-17 12:23:49

Another KC parent. Lovely school. Yes it is academic but you know that from the start. I agree that the parents are non flashy. And the two form thing means the friendship cohort changes. I haven't minded the packed lunches too much (lets me know how much DC have eaten!) If I may say so the leavers' destinations at KC are possibly more impressive than those at BH.
In terms of pastoral care they have been superb at getting my DS1 to come out of his shell.
Unicorn needs very early registration and lots of parental input.

Temperance15 Mon 08-May-17 17:01:14

Thank you Potol. Very helpful.

ClaraVine66 Wed 10-May-17 11:10:44

I have friends at Unicorn and it needs a lot of parental input, you certainly would struggle as a working parent. I believe they also take very few non-siblings each year so you need to register at birth.

Wisteria36 Wed 10-May-17 17:02:34

These are all good schools as far as I've heard. There are lots working parents at Unicorn - people do more or less volunteering depending on how their schedules are, or what their skills are. There is a lot of competition for places in the infants I think though as it's a one form school.

Wisteria36 Wed 10-May-17 17:02:46

Lots of

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