Whitgift School vs Epsom College

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user1488362582 Wed 01-Mar-17 10:25:37

We are currently agonising over choice of school for a year 7 student who has been awarded scholarships at both schools and would welcome any advice from any parents who have sent their child to either of the above schools from the local area.
Both schools offer a bus service but Whitgift does feel a tougher journey despite being the same number of miles. Our son is extremely sporty and whilst Whitgift would appear to win on this front they are blessed with many more boys to choose from. Epsom appears a very privileged set up that is very forward thinking in its approach to learning. The school day is long and busy but still exudes calm and happy children. They also provide supervised prep at the end of the day so even after a long commute at least you return home free of h/w. One is co-ed and 750 students (incl boarding) and the other 1450 boys.
Any general views from parents who have children at either of these schools would be gratefully received and would be very interested to know of any families that have siblings at the schools.

SmileyHamptonTeacher Thu 02-Mar-17 09:33:53

Both are good. I'd say that historically Whitgiftbhad the academic edge. Can you not return to view both schools, ideally late afternoon, before making a decision?

user1488362582 Thu 02-Mar-17 15:36:18

to be fair their academic results are fairly similar and yes we have visited both schools recently have nothing but positive things to report about both. Would have been great to get some feedback from parents with sporty children at either school. All in we are very lucky and its a win win situation but we would love to get some further insight.

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