Looking to make pregnant friends in Hampton Hill, Twickenham, etc

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MouseJo Tue 01-Nov-16 12:07:13

I'm now into the start of my second trimester of first pregnancy and looking to find some fellow 'bumps', first-timers or old hands, to meet up with in the area. Coffee, park or river walks, whatever! I've found the forums on Mumsnet great but it'd be lovely to meet some people face-to-face.

Silvamoon Fri 02-Dec-16 17:56:39

I'm based in Teddington and due 27th April, so think we are about the same stage, but my maths isn't great.

Be lovely to go for a hot chocolate and a park walk some time....

Smithlucky Thu 16-Mar-17 19:55:34

I'm new to mumsnet hence the late reply to this message.
I have a 2 week old girl and live in richmond.
I do not know anoyone with youngsters and would love to meet up for walks in the park and hot chocs!!!!

Let me know when your ready to meet up and ill ne there 😀

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