Anyone looking for childcare? My childminder in St Margarets has a space for September

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emilyjwhite Wed 22-Jun-16 16:49:34

Hi all, is anyone looking for childcare in St Margarets this autumn? My fifteen month year old goes to a fantastic childminder who is based in St Margarets, but the little boy who also goes is heading off to school in September, so my little boy Arthur needs some company! Get in touch if you're looking for a childcare provider - she is absolutely brilliant, I can't recommend her enough across all fronts. She creates a really safe, nurturing and educational environment for the kids and is very skilled with a lot of experience. Arthur loves her to bits. Happy to chat if anyone is interested!

Hannahpetunia Tue 19-Jul-16 13:26:20

Hello, I'm in St Margarets and thinking about switching to a childminder (my 15 month old son goes to nursery in Richmond but it's a bit of a trek each day! Would definitely be interested in hearing more if there is still a space available.

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