Business Mum (Barnes) - help, how do you promote locally?

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LJA29 Mon 13-Jun-16 12:10:45

Looking for advice on local business promotion...
I've recently moved into Barnes where I am re-starting my women-only massage business. Struggling to find networks and forums as easily as I have previously.
Any Mums working in health/wellbeing who want to meet up/cross-refer?
I'm a Mum of two, super experienced within the health industry, just needing to start all over again and don't know anybody here yet...

KatherineH66HiImNew Sun 19-Jun-16 09:20:00

No idea but have just seen on FB there's a networking supper club taking place in Whitton on 7 July for local business women. Person organising it is a successful local caterer. DM me if you'd like her details.

LJA29 Mon 20-Jun-16 10:13:00

Perfect, thanks. Can I DM from a mobile device? Having some trouble...

Ktay Mon 20-Jun-16 13:50:07

Er not sure... This is the website of the woman running it, you could contact her through that? Good luck!

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