Worrying about Primary admissions already in SW14

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Ohmygoshwow Wed 27-Apr-16 11:04:25

Hello mums, thanks for clicking - I'm just having a stress cos I'm a bit clueless; if someone can figuratively take me by the shoulders and tell me what's what I would be forever indebted!

So, um, lived in SW14 all my life (with brief stints in SW13) and in that time have produced a 17 month old boy, Reuben. I know how crazy-competitive school placements are around here and I'm just wondering if there's anything I should be doing now to ensure Roo gets the best placement possible? Best case scenario I think he'd be at Sheen Mount, but we're not even in Palewell so pretty sure I'm dreaming on that one, despite my brother having been there, er, 25 years ago hmm ... I'm perhaps jumping the gun, as haven't even had an in-depth look into nurseries yet (which I'm guessing is the main priority at the moment?) but it's all linked, isn't it? Going to certain nurseries can be a make-or-breaker for the rest of his school career, right? Gaaaah! It'll probably be fine. But is there anything I should be doing to make it even more probablierly fine?

Thank you for your patience!

twick13 Wed 27-Apr-16 17:04:44

On the whole unless your child has special needs, is a looked after child or of a particular religious persuasion proximity to school is the main decider for you first child. Your brother going to a school 25 years ago and which nursery won't have any bearing for state schools in Richmond. You should be able to find the admission criteria for each school on the lbrut website and the last offered distance. Most schools give priority to siblings so if there are lots of siblings there will be less places for first borns! This is why the distance cut offs can be really small eg 500m
If you are thinking private it might be worth checking out schools as some schools waiting lists fill fast. Same goes for private nurseries.
If you are thinking church school you probibly have to start going to church and ensuring your child is Christened as you will need confirmation of this and a signature to say you regularly attend from the vicar/priest

twick13 Wed 27-Apr-16 17:06:44

This might help www.richmond.gov.uk/primary_school_allocation_maps

Ohmygoshwow Thu 28-Apr-16 11:58:31

Ah, thanks so much! At least I know now it's largely out of my hands. Although my mother-in-law is a prevalent member of Holy Trinity church so Roo has been to the playgroup there a few times, along with the odd service; perhaps it's time to put my heathen beliefs to one side and raise a full-time Christian. (I suppose I'm already married to one, so in for a penny...) Also from the map you linked it looks like geographically we might be in for a shot at Kew Riverside and I've heard good things there. But yes, I'll stop stressing and just do what's best for him in the here and now. Anyway, enough of my rambling - thank you very much!

(Just to clarify, the bit about my brother being distant alumni was a weak attempt at humour, sorry about that. blush)

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