What is Thames Ditton like for relocating to get for more space friendly community and tranquility?

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uberconscious Thu 24-Dec-15 14:37:07

Hi, We are a small family myself DH and DC almost age 2. We are considering moving to Thames Ditton because we're trying to find:

- Calmer surroundings
- Friendlier community (where you might get to be on first name basis with newsagent or bakery staff)
- Close to riverside
- Quick commute to London (in case of work, shopping or West End entertainment)
- Child friendly (community / activities)
- Good role models ( well mannered people / children)
- More home space than a London house for a bit less rent

If you know the area, can you recommend the better parts or better pockets within the area?

What about nursery's and schools, are there good ones in the area?

Has anyone else done the research already and know some of the answers?

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