Wanted: Dyscalculia Tutor/Speech Therapist/Handwriting-Occupational Therapist

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Budur Thu 26-Nov-15 15:29:56

Hi, we are in Twickenham and our daughter (7Y) has just been diagnosed with dyscalculia. We bought the books, the rods etc. but I would still like her to have a tutor who can professionallly explain math to her using multi-sensory approach - she is visual, loves puzzles so that's the best way of tackling it. We will continue using these strategies at home.

She also needs a speech therapist as her new school doesn't have anyone coming in. He speech is very clear and she reads very well (spelling is fine too) but she needs help to improve her weak auditory memory and work on comprehension and develop abilities for creating writing.

And finally, a handwriting/occupational therapist as she is left-handed and has an awkward grip, which doesn't help her writing (joined-up but not very nice) and will restrict her ability to write more. School said they do not interefere as her grip is settled. She is hypermobile so the objective is also to strengthen her finger muscles to write well.

Would appreciate if anyone can suggest local contacts: Twickenham, Teddington, Richmond. Seems like a lot but better to sort out these issues asap. We are new to the area so don't have many contacts. Thanks a lot.

Icimoi Tue 01-Dec-15 22:46:50

The Richmond Dyslexia Association might be able to help.

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