Does this breathing exercise help you relax? Let us know and you could win a FREE consultation with Cognitive Therapist, Giselle Monbiot

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LERichmond Fri 31-Jul-15 10:39:51

Cognitive Therapist, Giselle Monbiot is going to run a short series of threads providing free ideas and suggestions for parents to help you cope with the challenges of parenting.

One of the suggestions Giselle has is 7:11 breathing. See Giselle's message below:

As one of the most challenging things that women report about motherhood is the intensity of the strong emotions they feel, which is often caused from stress of coping with juggling time, their children’s behaviour and answering to the needs of others (often at the expense of her own), I thought what would be useful is a very simple but effective breathing exercise. Did you know that it is impossible to be both stressed and relaxed at the same time? This particular technique moves you from the stress response to being relaxed. And how we handle ourselves and others when we are relaxed is very different than when we are stressed and uptight.

So just taking a moment to become aware of your breath, take a deep slow breath in, whilst counting to 7. And then slowly release your breath on a count of 11. Breathe from your stomach, noticing it rise on the in breath and falling on the out breath. Repeat a few times, focusing on the breath. If you can slightly blur your vision allowing your eyes to relax so you are able to see as much to the side as possible, this really increases the effectiveness of this soothing exercise. brew

I suggest to my clients that it is best to practise this at the times when stress isn’t heightened until you are confident in what you are doing. So when you have a moment, give it a go. Possible practise times are when brushing your teeth, waiting for the kettle to boil or at the traffic lights And as you connect to that change of feeling within yourself, you can start doing this when your children are fighting, when you feel you can’t cope or when it seems there are people demanding your attention from every angle.

As I am so passionate about championing mums to enjoy their lives I am offering a free 1 hour session to a randomly chosen mum who writes a post below on how this breathing exercise has helped her to relax again.

Find out more about Project Mum-Me and how you could benefit from a free consultation with Giselle here:

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