looking for things to do in Putney

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Jeans5 Mon 15-Jun-15 22:11:26

Hello, I am a first time mum living in Putney I have a baby girl who's 8 months now!
I am trying to find some local playgroups, playgrounds or things to do with a baby in Putney.
At the moment we go swimming twice a week but trying to find places to go to, so both of us can socialise a bit.... Lol
If anybody knows nice playgroups that we can join in please message us
All messages really appreciated !!!

swlmum Thu 18-Jun-15 20:03:54

Hi- you might want to put this on the Wandsworth local but off the top of my head ( my kids are a bit older now).. There are lots of different classes at Eddie Catz. Gymboree in the Exchange is good if a bit expensive. There is a play group on a Thursday morning at All saints church and one another day at St Mary's Church. Playgrounds in Leaders Gardens and Wandsworth Park.

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