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Qresident Wed 20-May-15 20:21:50


Could anyone recommend a good seamstress or tailor near Kew (or Richmond/East Sheen) please? My local dry cleaner can do alterations but I have to take clothes already pinned etc and this isn't always convenient.


nadine321 Tue 28-Jul-15 16:52:59

I hope you found a local tailor/seamstress but whatever you do please, please do not use the tailor at:

Teddington Tailor & Dry Cleaning
192 Kingston Road
TW11 9JD

He is rude, incompetent and I'm reluctant to say even dishonest!

If you value your belongings and wish to keep them please don't use this man. I have given him several items believing he has made genuine mistakes and given him the benefit of the doubt. However, today was the last straw.

I had taken in a large beige faux blanket to be dry cleaned and patched as my dog had chewed the corner. I picked up the blanket after paying for it and just before getting in the car thought l would check the patch. Low and behold no patch had been done! I had been charged £50 for this service which l had thought was pretty expensive but really needed to get the blanket fixed and cleaned so went ahead with it. I took the blanket back and got some mumbled excuse and was asked to leave it with him which l did. As this was about the fourth incident including a pair of jeans which had not had the zip replaced but had been charged for - l wasn't best pleased but left the blanket with him to patch. When l picked it up he had patched the blanket but rather than match the material to the blanket so that it blended in, he has patched it with yellow material rather than beige material. It looks awful. He then proceeded to shout at me telling me it's fine there's nothing wrong with it and I shouldn't be so fussy!! And he's not going to change it. I have had to take it to another tailor to rectify.

So far he has put mother of pearl buttons the wrong way round on my cashmere jumper, telling me they look nice that way!
When the sewing came apart after one day of wearing on the seam he had changed for me, l returned the jumper having held together the seam with a safety pin - I painstakingly explained what l would like him to do and left him with the jumper to rectify. When l returned to pick up the following week he had obviously turned the buttons round the right way but had not meaned the seam where the safety pin had been put - and still was.
Invisibly mended (!) a cashmere jumper using a completely different colour! So even if l had wanted to use the jumper again l couldn't - on this occasion he told me it makes a lovely design!
Charged me to put a new zip in my favourite jeans and not changed it - then when this was brought to his attention he did it in such a way the jeans are now no longer wearable. Very shoddy indeed.

Oh yes! and lost my £150 feather duvet when l sent it to be dry cleaned and gave me somebody else's which wasn't goose down feathers which lm now stuck with.

This is a seamstress who does not have an eye for detail!
I deplore you find somebody, anybody else but this person to do any alterations or sewing work you might be thinking of doing.

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